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I will be skinny again!!!
Ok so at my weigh in today, When I bought my weeks supply of shakes for refeed she asked what I was going to be doing for breakfast next week.

I explained that I was hoping to keep using the shakes, she went on to say that I couldnt be relying on them for much longer..

This confused me because what else could I have for breakfast? Most cereals are mostly carbs :S
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Bacon, eggs, tomatoes would be nice, just remove the fat from the bacon. If you dont want to lose any more weight and just want to maintain, then I would start to have a little porridge or cereal for breakfast, you will need to add milk for calcium.


I will be skinny again!!!
Oh yeah Im having skimmed milk :)

Is porridge not full of carbs???


I will be skinny again!!!
Also Im hungry now... Do you think id be ok to have another muller light??
Porridge does have carbs, but we have to gradually introduce these foods while your weight is monitored so to avoid gain. Best bet is have a look at Porgeous refeed diaries or one of the other peeps who have done well, thats what I am going to do tonight on my nightshifts to get some ideas.

I would have another yogurt hun, if they are low fat ones.
Hi Chelly, found a thread here which might be helpful for you. You could always replace the LT maintenance bar for an alpen bar or something like that. I think I will tend to calorie count once I have done the refeed week.

Probably second week I will start to have a maintenance bar for breakfast every second day and porridge on the days in between, but I will have a good chat to the Pharmacist when I go on Thursday for weigh in.


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