hmmmm....back again......sigh!

day three done :)
That's the hard part over Daisy!!! Brilliant!!! :)
Onto day 6 - and still totally abstinent so doing OK!

I'm off to a party later which is a real pain.Going to drive tho which I supppose saves me taxi fare -

and i will pretend to eat at the buffet
........ could really do without it.

And..... where has summer gone...really miserable here.

hmmmm. i think i have got the 6 days blues :-(
Be strong Daisy!!! You can do it. :) I know you can. Look at your goal - get back to new target by Summer 2011. It's nearly here. Do you want another month to go by saying "I could have done it by now...". Do you want another summer feeling uncomfortable?

Day 6 blues - and in fact, first 4 weeks blues will be VERY hard. Once those weeks are done you'll have forgotten what food (it's only a bunch of chemicals ;) ) tastes like. It'll get easier. Just get through the awful carbohydrate withdrawal and the brain yelling "I want carbs for easy energy!!" stage.

Maybe if you have the time - start another journal on this website. It really does help everyone to stay strong and determined. This diet makes you feel so very alone - and the website and the support gained through a daily check-in definitely alleviates that.

Wishing you all the best xxxxxx
Cheers hun
I'm being a miserable cow today!
Blame it on the weather. I got a new bike yesterday and was looking forward to a lovely ride in the sunshine - instead Ive got a massive pile of ironing to do whilst looking at the grey sky!

Ive got to break the 13 days barrier which is as far as I have got in abstinence the last couple of times if i don't do it for at least a month it will just plie back on again - and more.

I'm not going to crack this time!!!!

How are you doing - are you abstinent or LLL ing?
I know you can do it. Maybe next time you need to do the ironing and want to do something fun... just do the fun thing!! If the weather is nice - the weather won't be there all day and the ironing can wait. ;) You are worth some fun, makes life easier. :)

I've managed to get back on track, I was starting diet all last year and like you couldn't break the '13 day' barrier. My heart just wasn't in it. Then I gave up trying and just set a day when I'll get back to LLL and start. When it came around, I didn't want to, and was still looking for excuses. But, what won - was the feeling so sick of being house-bound. I was sick of food, tired of feeling and looking like sh*t.

Right now I'm doing a mixture of Lite with calorie counting. It's more calorie counting - I only usually replace lunch with a foodpack and have my bar for 'dessert' and the rest of the calories I spend as I wish within the 'allowed' list. I stick to about 700-800 per day and doing it this way I find gives me more energy for exercise and less fear of food for when I maintain again. :) So it works for me. I just need to be strict with my portions - but apart from that it's good. Had my WI today and another 3lbs off - starting Week 8 tomorrow! Woot! :)

It's good to back in some sort of 'zone'. I know you can get back there too. Just... Be gentle with yourself. Dig down deep in your heart and truly assess whether you feel ready. Your mind and heart both need to know it. Once you actually BELIEVE in what you want and CAN achieve - you will.
C'mon Daisy,
Stick with it hun. You know how good it males you feel when you do. It on't take long and you'll be back feeling great when the summer comes back.
Ironing was one of my bug bears - every time I "HAD" to do it i felt cross and resentful,especially as my hubby doesn't puport to recognise one end of an iron from the other.
When I was well into the LL CBT I identified it as one of my triggers. I have become the best laundry folder in the world. The rest - a guy comes and picks it up, takes it away and brings it back ironed, for a small fee.
We haven't got potso f money but I told my OH that it was totally unfair i should spend my limited precious time doing his and everyone else's ironing. So I don't. The money comes out of our joint money and I keep my time and sanity. Try it if you can.
Minerva - i am so glad you have found a way that works for you to get back to where you want to be and feel comfortable with your relationship with food again.
I agree that this forum and the people on here are a real source of support.
Ironing I don't mind too much, as I stick something on iplayer and actually get some undisturbed time, lol!

Its my cleaner I want back, I HATE mopping floors and dusting!! I need to get myself a job first tho

I went out on mybike for half an hour anyway and it made me feel better!
daisy x
I felt the same last week Daisy when it came to Saturday. I drove past people walking out of the takeaway with piles of food and thought "bet you are going home for a lovely bottle of wine"!! I was mad with the diet and desperate to eat something. My CDC suggested doing SS+, where I can add a protein meal with a small amount of veg, and I was initially apprehensive, but it's really, really helped. I think it's actually better not dropping food altogether as I remember feeling really nervous when I had to start eating again. I wonder if it would be something that would be good for you? You have something to look forward to each evening, and without going into detail because that would be cruel, I'm so happy to do it this way and still have great losses. Doesn't mean I don't want a glass of wine though!

Good luck at the party and remember you've done this before and will do it again!
cheers hun
The party was good and I didn't miss eating or drinking really.
I took some coke zero with me to drink - which was horrible! I don't like coke anyway, but wanted to feel like i wasn't just drinking water - which I actually like!
Its strange, but it actually made me feel like i was drinking vodka and coke and no-one asked questions like they do when I drinl water at a party.
I'm not worried about getting hooked on drinking it as I don't like it - I hate all fizzy drinks and cordials.(I know thats one of the reasons we're not allowed it on LL) I didn't drink it last time I did LL, but its def the way to cope at a party for me I think. strange.

Only had 3 packs so far today so obviously am well into ketosis.

Weigh in tomorrow morning so will see how week 1 has gone!

daisy x
Week 1 was good at least I am no longer obese!
This morning - start of day 9 I have lost 10lb

I have been working this week - done 2 days supply teaching for a class of Y3s - and back again tomorrow. I'd forgotton how tiring it is having been out of the classroom for 4 years! could really do with a big glass of red - but will resist!
Daisy x
Great start back Daisy. Well done you xx
Well done daisy keep up the good work Hun,doing brill!
Sexy xx
Just looked at photos - amazing!!!
Daisy x
daisydoll said:
Just looked at photos - amazing!!!
Daisy x

Thanks you will soon be there too!
Sexy xx
Well done on losing the 10lb. Onwards and downwards! xx
Hi new to all of this, have been reading the posts and really amazing stories..... i am looking to start on Tuesday and have found the forum really helpful. Cant believe 'SexyCHick' lost 3 stone in 9 weeks - wow thats amazing :))) well done !
Good for you - didn't hurt, did it?:welcome2:
Hopefully there will be no stopping you now.:)