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Im on day 6 and in ketosis and asked my CDC if i could eat any of the bars and she said wait until day 10. Have just eaten one and am wondering if im doomed....
Am on SS+milk so wonder if i have buggered up 6 days hard work.
Any theories pleeeeeeze? :break_diet:
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You may not have. They say you shouldn''t have them earlier on until you are properly in ketosis as they are high in carbs so MAY kick you out of ketosis. I have heard of people use them from their first week and they've been fine. Fingers crossed you are fine.
i think you will be ok if you had it in replacement of one of your packs, onlt time and the scales will tell! :)


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You'll be fine, I had them from the beginning and have always had good losses.. remember to drink an extra pint of water tho :)


Hi SB,

Just thought I would put my 2p's worth in....The carb content depends on which bar!
I had peanut and cranberry while on CD and they have 13.5g or 14.4g each of carbs this is the same as or slightly less than the packs(14grams I think?). They do have a few more calories (+30 peanut/+10 cranberry)
The toffee/fudge ones have more (24grams if I remember?)

Bit of a CD 'geek' me;)
Thank you for all your replies :clap:!
I have got cranberry and peanut ones and had a peanut one...i just felt the need to actually CHEW on something and then got a bit worried afterwards. I have a yellow book from my CDC but sometimes it doesn't seem very clear on things so i thought i would ask my new buddies....awww...come 'ere!!!! :sign0168: x
my cdc said I can;t go on them until my 3rd week (ie: my 3rd weigh in, so 2 weeks on diet!)

R they nice then? I keep reading about mix a moose too?? Is it like Angel delight or am I completely wrong thinking
Angel delight is a good way of describing them, the biggest thrill for me first time round was having a different texture to deal with...i had got quite quickly bored of drinking my meals. I never had soups last time but have discovered them now and i think they are ace, espec with this cold weather.
The bars are nice, again its nice to have a different texture. I like them all, even though i dont like nuts(but like the peanut ones?) but not too keen on the caramel ones. Its heaven to be able to chop a cold bar up into pieces and sit and much them with a cup of tea and a magazine(not optional).
As far as i have been told, the porridge is pretty much the same as the shakes in carb contents and you could have as many a day as your plan allowed.

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