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Guess who's back...?
Hello everyone!

First day was ok - but really struggling today. I am just bored to death of all the flavours - the first time around the first week was quite exciting - you were constantly trying the different shakes/soups, excited about it - but this time round I'm used to everything and cannot muster the enthusiasm for any of them.

By a couple of weeks in I know from experience that I won't care, and won't be hungry - they will become a quick shot of medicine to get down... but right now I am craving real flavour soooo much.

Anyway - moan moan... will do my best to find the motivation. Doesn't help that I am sat at home all day with nothing to do but brood about my cravings. Want to go out but so hungry I'd probably lapse and buy something secretly (I know what I am like). Off to a meeting for an hour or so at 4pm, so that's something I guess!!

Sorry for the downhearted post.

Anna'-in-a-slump-'phylactic xx
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aww Anna, hun I know how you feel, the need for some real flavour is what keeps driving me to lapse :( but we just have to knuckle down and bear it, like you say in a few weeks' time it won't matter to you so just make the small sacrifice for the much greater good :)
Hi Anna

Sorry to hear you're struggling, but you know that once you have gritted your teeth and got the first week over with the time will fly.

Do you have a pop-in scheduled this week? I know I found it very motivational during the first week and the loss in just three days helped me keep focused and abstinent.

Hop on here for a browse to pass time. I guess that's why you're posting too. I can lose a huge amount of time on the internet. :)

Have you set out some short and longer term targets - weight loss yes, but also clothes you want to be in, chores and other activities to complete (e.g. putting photo album together), exercise etc?

You can always have a savoury drink to fill in a slot, or try the packs in a different way - such as hot, or thicker, add ice, sweeteners etc. I'm sure you know all this so I'll stop there.

Hope it gets easier. xx

Jo B

Full Member
I know the feeling, that's where I am at the moment. I don't like the soups and only really like strawberry and banana shakes so that's what I've been living off for about 17 weeks now! I have recently re-tried the porridge which I now know that with sweetner in isn't too bad. I was going to have a double helping for breakfast, kettle boiled all ready to go and discovered I don't have any :sigh:, so will be stocking up tonight at my WI. It's odd having a weigh in on a different day now (we carried on in our foundation time slot for a few weeks after we finished, but now have to move in with the regular developers group) and it's completely thrown me!
aww anna! totally get where your coming from the packs are like a shot of medicine i need to get down just so i can get off to the gym! why dont you join one? there really good and exercise kills nearly any craving or get a home exercise DVD??
chin up :)
Pete - you are still struggling wiht lapses?? Oh, you two...:( COme on now - you know you have the fire inside = you have shown it before!

You gotta tell yourself those drinks taste FAB!!!!!

Come on now - put your heart and heads into it, rock it, and then be done with it!

You both can do it!!! Like Nancy Reagon used to say, "Just say NO!!!!!"

Pulling for ya's!!!

Hey Anna
I'm back on the packs this week. Want to lose about 2 stone to get me down to my goal that I never quite reached first time round. I'm REALLY struggling (why was it so much easier before?) with the boredom. I've made crisps and ice lollies (with the drinks flavour) but my Mum's cooking for her dinner party this evening is looking far more appealing!
Just willing myself to get into the same zone I was in this time last year where food just wasn't part of my life. And it was so much easier that way!!
Come on guys....we can do this. Don't listen to the voices in your head making excuses. The sooner it's done, the sooner we can get on with the finer things of life xx
Hiya Anna

you can sooo do it !!!
maybe worth thinking about some postitive things you can do with your time, so not thinking about it tooo much xxx

ps - the food is rubbish tasting, but I keep telling myself its magic food which is burning the fat away ;-)
Hiya Anna

you can sooo do it !!!
maybe worth thinking about some postitive things you can do with your time, so not thinking about it tooo much xxx

ps - the food is rubbish tasting, but I keep telling myself its magic food which is burning the fat away ;-)

Thats the idea. Positive vibes breed positive outcomes. Well done. I like that - magic food. It is indeed! :)


Guess who's back...?
You are all right, thank you so much. I have done it before and I will do it again. Sorry this is such a brief reply to your fab posts, but I'm all over the place today trying to do hundreds of things at once.

Rach - I do go to a gym/spa every day - sometimes for a workout but mostly for a swim/soak... it's fine, but I can't really be there all day every day unfortunately! Once I am in ketosis I'll be fine I'm sure, and then I'll start working out more and will be in the 'buzz' ready to fight the rest of the weight off.

A x x
Hi Anna,

I'm starting back on LL this week. managed to put on well over a stone. Fell off in april and need to get back to it again.
We can do this!!!!

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
hey anna , how goes it ???
A pound's a pound - only a couple more and you'll be in the 11s !! Well done


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