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hmph! need motivation!

Right then boys & girls! I've been messing about at this diet for far too long...one week off one week on but no more!! Thought I would write one of these thingymabobs to see if it can help me keep on track...
Any help would be very much appraciated!!

I'm doing extra easy & so far today I've had:

Hex A: 250ml SS Milk
Hex B: Hi Fi Bar

Breakfast: Baked beans & 2 dry fried eggs.

Am now off to uni so am taking 2 bananas & an apple to nibble on in lectures.

Then the plan for tea is Mushroom Stroganoff (from the latest SW mag) except I'll have to syn the stock as can't seem to get Vecon anywhere! With boiled rice & the 1 of the lemon drizzle cakes (again from latest SW mag) at 2.5 syns each.

My goal this week is to lose 2lbs to get my half stone award....

Thanks for reading my ramblings! xx
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Go you!

I've been following EE while I've been working silly shifts at work. I've also bought some Alpen light bars cos you can have 2 of them as a HEXb so (to me at least) it feels like I'm having more and I can have them hours apart if need be!

I do find that having everything recorded here is a great help. Good luck x

Mrs V

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You dont appear to be eating very much Hun.
Also have you tried the chicken Bovil in jars? Its free on both days and adds a little bit more flavour. The beef one is free too!
Thanks guys...
I do tend to eat tonnes more usually but it's day 1 of 'star' week so am feeling pretty poo...should be up to full strength again tomorrow I hope!! Thanks for the chicken bovril tip too, I never realised that was free! woohoo! x
Getting there...

Can't remember exactly what I had yesterday but ate loads & stuck to the plan!! I think my motivation's finally coming back! I even went jogging last night (only 20mins mind) but am feeling really positive about everything this week...hope the scales reflect my efforts on Mon!

So far today I've had:
A) 350ml skimmed milk
B)Hi Fi Bar

2x eggs, Mushrooms & onions in an omelette.
1x Mullerlight.
Jacket Potato with Beans & Salad.
Coffee & diet coke.

Not sure what I'm doing for tea yet but am gonna make sure it's extra easy friendly!


bad news...

Don't u just hate when everything seems to be going well then all of a sudden it all goes pear shaped?? Yes SW wise I'm doing well, being a student I've finally got my finances in order and organised my assignments for uni, but just found out that my great aunt has passed away. My partner's out at work & so are my friends...I'm faced with a night on my own and I'm so upset it's untrue. Sorry to moan just couldn't think of anywhere better to get my feelings out xxx


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Oh I'm really sorry about that :cry: Nothing that I can say apart from as low as you are feeling which is natural, don't let it derail your motivation, I am sure your Great Aunt would not want that. One of my problems is that when I'm down I comfort eat usually chocolate! Keep your chin up and stay motivated for yourself and your Great Aunt. Take care.
thanks for that. I'm crap when it comes to comfort eating and i really do feel like something naughty right now but I know it won't help...
I've managed to speak to my partner and he's gonna try and get off work early so I may not be on my own much longer. thanks for your support xx


Wants to be slim at 60
S: 12st7lb C: 10st3lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 25.3 Loss: 2st4lb(18.29%)
Been really good all week & only lost 1lb! I suppose it's better than gaining one.. I'm hoping if I keep it up this week I may lose more next week...fingers crossed!
Its really hard when you've been so good to only lose a lb especially if some people were at weigh in having said they'd not had a good week but have lost more!! Been there and got the tee-shirt. Just bear in mind that when they start only losing a lb a lot of them give up because they have been used to losing more, but you will keep plodding on and reach your goal ;)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
S: 21st7lb C: 12st5lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 9st2lb(42.52%)
Hey Huni...how are you??? Sorry to read the news and just wondered how things were with you?


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