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As long as you dont drink and nibble!
My spare tyre is appearing back faster than the speed of light and it is just all the excesses in the last 10 days. We are planning very quiet new year so going to try to get back in to the swing of diet before hogmanay.
good luck to ya!


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I suppose it depends what you intend to do for hogmany and how strongly you feel about starting (and your conviction to stay strong through hogmany).

If it's a party you're going to it is possibly quite easy to attend - if you're mingling most people would probably not even notice you're not eating/drinking. However if it's a meal that can depend on whether you are comfortable sitting at a table watching others eat.

Good luck with whatever you decide :D


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Everyone's different and I guess it'll depend on what you've done in the past - do you tend to go overboard for the night...or more than just the one night? If so, it might be harder to stick to plan. And if your friends are keen to do so - even harder. Peer pressure is a kicker!

Is the fact that you've chosen to start after Hogmanay an indication that you really want one 'last blowout'? (you may know yourself better than you think! lol) As you're set to start in the new year, I'd say _try_ to be sensible, and don't beat yourself up if you're not, then just start as planned, on the 5th. If you try to start CD before, and then fail, you might feel worse than if you just wait. We're only talking a few days now - so why not spend them watching how you eat 'normally' and pinpointing the habits/behaviours that might prove to be your weakpoints once you do start? (so they don't sneak up on you! lol)

Maybe others will disagree with me, and I hope they do - as the variety of opinions on here can be great. I myself might have thought differently had I seen your post a while ago, as I started a month before Christmas and lots of folks like me wondered if we should just wait until after the silly season. But I knew I'd get a good couple of weeks under my belt before the xmas parties started. Depending on when you start gearing up for Hogmanay, you don't have that luxury now. Plus, the first few days are the toughest - and so if you started now, you might get through them great before Hogmanay, but then blow it on the big night and be back at square one. If you're strong enough to deal with that - go for it, but if not use the interim time for some reflection and building up your determination to succeed once you do start :)

As for me, I'm not sure what my plans are - a couple friends want to go to the street party, but I have to say 'been there, done that' too many times. Other friends are like me - we're keen to go out and pick up some of the vibe, maybe at a pub that will be busy but not mad. I plan to come off SS so I can have a few drinks on the night, but to do so sensibly (no mad binge eating to go with equal mad quantities of bubbly!...getting too old for Jan 1 hangovers! lol)

I too love Hogmanay, and just like how I enjoyed Christmas, I'd like to think I'll be able to enjoy this Hogmanay as the slim person I _will_ be for all the Hogmanays to come - not overly restrictive, but fun, and sensible for me :)

Good luck! And...all the best for 2009 :)


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Thanks everyone. Decided to just start today. Couldnt wait any longer. We usually just have a buffet in the house as we have kids n wouldnt ask anyone to babysit. In 2 minds of telling OH to go out for the night and me stay at home alone and just act like its just a normal day!! Celebrate next year instead :)


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Well well! Welcome abord then babybaillie! :D
Good luck getting through the first week and having some great sucesses on CD

Happy Hogmanay when it comes!