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:wave_cry:Hi everyone i need some advice, I have been on cd now for 4 months and lost 4 stone. I had a baby in december my fourth child, and i dont know what to do about holidays If we go it will be on 8th of june thats only 2 weeks away. Am worried that i will put alot back on cos its all inclusive in turkey (holiday village) we never been there before, also am not sure cos of baby being so little making bottles up etc. Should i stay in england and get rained on everyday or go? the other problem is my body is like jelly at the moment I need a full body swimsuit! :cry:
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Well done you have done so well.. Good on you you must be so happy and proud of yourself especially your new baby being so young..
You have to do what is right for you.. Could you go and eat the healthy options I havent been to turkey but I am sure its lots of meats and things...... Do what you feel comftable with..
You have done fab you must look great x


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i have to be honest, i went on holiday and stuck with SS all the way...BUT...it was only the east coast (although bloody difficult i must admit!).
4 stone in 4 months is super hun, and all i can suggest is that whatever you do, you take some CD stuff with you and combine the both (if your allowed to take them abroad)....If not, then you need to be the boss of the food and not the otherway round! Healthy choices will be what you need to make when you get to goal, so no difference to now hun!
I'm not a big fan of going abroad anyway, but i would find it too stressful going with a baby....but thats just me!
We're taking my little one to Disneyland Paris in October (they have 40% off if your interested) but thats probably about as far as i will be going for a few years (or until Freya is 18 and she can stay home on her own! lol)
Good luck with the decision making hun....dont let the food be a factor


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Hey Bubblegirl,
Turkey is brill we go every year, I will be going in July. I am sure they will have plenty of healthy things for you to eat as I think it will be a buffet style dining, so can choose want you want. Go ahead have a holiday, you deserve it. Four stones in four months thats amazing.
All the best xxx


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Not sure about the cd side but, with respect to the baby, find out before you go which bottled waters are ok for babies (not all are due to the sodium content) and personally I'd take my own kettle etc so you know it's clean.. I also would imagine you'll just be starting weaning? We went to cyprus when our baby was just coming up 6 months, I found it quite easy with weaning as we were doing babyled weaning but just took care over washing things properly and making sure they hadn't been sat in a buffet for long times etc etc!
Congrats on such a good loss especially after having a baby; that's a fantastic achievement. Don't worry about the toning, feeling like jelly aspects. I plan on getting a very flattering swimming costume to help with that sort of thing!!!

You deserve a holiday and like others have said, there will be healthy options. I know it's hard because you don't want to restrist yourself, but you're not going to put on 4 stone and it might help you to trust yourself around food again.

Good luck whatever you do


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Actually, just one thing to add with the diet, are you still losing weight or no? If you are then I'd take packs etc anyway, as much as it's not nice watching someone else eating food etc it will be worth it when you're at your target weight!


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Don't be disheartened... A loss is still a loss even if it doesn't quite be what you hoped it to be.. One thing I've seen lots on people's tickers here is some weeks when they lose 1-1.5lbs they then have a big loss the next week.. Keep going, stick to it and hopefully that will be you bouncing in with a 5 or 6lb loss next week!

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