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Holiday - Help

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Afternoon Lipotrimers!

I need some advice, i am going on a 4wk holiday to visit my husbands family in Goa on the 10th Dec, so i will be away for christmas and new year, The dilemma i've got is Should i take a 4wk break and eat food whilst away in moderation and restart Lt in january when we get back, or take 4 wks foodpacks with me and just carry on as usual? Thing is i think i will find it very hard there to stick to Lt more so than when i'm here, my mother in law is a very good cook and i love her food, also as were on holiday as you do we end up eating out most nights and i dont want to sit watching everyone eat all that gorgeous indian food:(. Hopefully if i eat sensibly i wont gain much weight so am prob only putting myself back by a mth and a half, or if i carry on LT there i'm one mth closer to goal;). So what would you guys do? Also if i do decide to eat there when should i start refeeding, or can i just start eating a bit of food once i'm there? I know i've got a while till i go but it's on my mind what to do HELP!

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well to be honest if you have to question it then you arent really in the right frame of mind to carry on a TFR diet whilst away.

You will need to refeed for 2 weeks before you go away and be sensible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whilst away. Dont over do it else you'll undo all the hard work you will have done between now and then.

Be warned though, some find it extremely difficult to start LT again after doing it once.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do :)
Maybe bring some LT with you and have one for breakfast/lunch, i found that good when I was away, meant I wasn't eating too much each day either... and it i would usually add my coffee so it was like having a coffee really and took the edge off hunger etc...

although i am finding it hard since being back on LT after my break, weight wise i didnt put on much as I was down 7lb when I came back on it and 5 the second week but at the minute i am finding it really hard where first time round it was just routine for me..

good luck with whatever you decide.. and have a great hol :)
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It does worry me a bit that everyone feels drawn to come off LT for their holidays. I mean, I understand, but, it shows that we all still have this, "oh well, it's a holiday!" mentality that makes us think we can't relax/enjoy ourselves without food or look at food as part of the pleasure of being away (of course, some holidays I remember mainly because the food was amazing, heh).

If you think you can do it on LT, then obviously that would be the best idea, as you'd be a month closer to goal, as opposed to probably setting yourself further back that just the month you take off & also, I doubt it's that easy to pick up the diet where you left off. That said, it sounds like you don't feel too positive about doing that, so, make sure you re-feed for at least a week before you go & try to be sensible with what you eat!! :)



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I would refeed properly then you could go onto maintenence foods whilst you are there. Then you can have a couple of those and a proper meal each day. The caramel bars are quite nice if you are on the go. If theres any chance of you drinking alcohol whilst you are there come off tfr as it is not safe to drink as people on here have reported. Good luck and be focused when you come back then you will lose the rest of your weight : )

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Only you can know how you really feel about it. You can manage another few weels on LT and then refeed for two weeks. But you will really have to be very careful whilst away. 4 weeks will be a long time in "party mode" and you can easily undo all the good work. Think carefully and be happy with your choice.

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