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Holiday WI result...

I gained 2lbs...

I'm quite ok with that! After all I ate and drank, it could have easily been a lot worse. Should be able to shift that - I'm aiming to have my best week ever and lose what I've gained. I've never lost more than 1.5lbs in a week so I need to be super good to get 2 off...and more if I can.

Could someone give me a leg up onto the wagon now please?! I am getting back on it and ready to ride...yeeha!
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loves food and cooking
That's great - well done. I know how hard it is to only gain a bit while away (and also how easy it is to gain *loads*) so you obviously struck a good balance ...

have a couple of 'back to basic' days to set yourself firmly back on track - tomorrow is an important day, so how about writing it down for a day or two - you will have it off in no time - welcome back, enjoy the ride :D
I'll be writing it down...always do! Will have a good day of planning tomorrow and stick with it 110% :)


loves food and cooking
Brilliant - remember to eat *loads* wont you - I trust you had a lovely holiday in the vinyard? <hic>
I am so glad- was thinking about you, mate! 2lb on is pretty good considering everything- it will be easily shifted

I put on 2lb last week due to a couple of mad binges and stuck to it 100% afterwards- this week I lost 4.5 which is VERY unusual for me as I am normally a steady 1lb a week girl.

It's very unlikely that you have gained 2lb of actual fat- most of it will be bloat and with lots of fluids and free foods you will soon shift it.

Good luck for being back on the wagon, Hellie!
Thanks all! :D

Holiday was great. The weather was fab and vineyard excellent *hic*

Angie...eat loads?! Loads of free stuff, I hope you mean? Absolutely.... I don't think I will be able to deprive myself of anything at all. But resist...yes. I love the resist list idea and will be doing that all week probably!

Mary - thank you :)

Cocktailprincess... 4½ is amazing! Bloody well done. Sounds like the little gain gave your body a bit of a shake up. I think I need to do what you did,I'd love a loss like that. I'm a 1lb-er as well and doesn't it get frustrating!

I don't actually feel any fatter for that 2lbs gain and I'm still wearing my same clothes (I am actually in some 12 shorts today!) so I am confident that it's just 'temporary' weight!

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