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Holidays and festivals


I've got a fair bit of weight to loose (about 70 lbs) so it's going to take a bit of time.

I'm hoping to go on holiday in the autumn and might take in a festival.

How on earth can I keep to Dukan when I'm doing these (although I suppose they have burger stalls at festivals, I could just have the burger well cooked?)
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Can you take a cool box with chicken, eggs, yogurt, muffins?
Maybe, just depends how hot it is as to how long the meat would last.

When are muffins allowed? Aren't they carbs?
Dukan muffins are made from the daily oatbran allowance, and are therefore allowed in cruise - you will find the recipe in the recipe section of this board.

There are also threads here on tips while travelling which would help you.

Tins of tuna and other fish, or packets of biltong will keep in even the hottest weather. Hard boiled eggs are a very portable option.
It can be done - I know, as I did a festival last weekend. To give me more scope with my eating, I did PV every day (3). I took some gallettes, and some sugar free jelly, individual tubs of 0% greek yogurt, cherry tomatoes and veg sticks. I took tuna, and some very low fat ham ( in a can). When I was in the festival area ( you couldn't take in your own food), I managed to get the security to let me in with some "contraband", as I said I was a coeliac, and when that ran out, ate a venison burger ( threw away the bun), and Mediterranean food ( salads and griddled lamb / chicken).
And the result was that I came homeand stood on the scales, and there was a little weight loss. This was surprising given the amount I had to drink ( on one day only). But we won't go into that!



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Biltong is a South African delicacy. Something similar to jerky. It is cured and dried red meat. It can be tasty, it can be awful. Depending on who makes it.
It is widely available in London but most South African stores sell it and most are willing to post it.
It is not to everyone's taste so order a small amount to start with.


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We bought this Bundu original beef biltong in sainsburys the other day and it was very good. Hubby is South African so is very choosy about biltong but said this was better than most he had tried lately.

Is £2.99 per pack but is a much larger size than most packs.

Sainsbury's online groceries

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