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Holidays & Obligatory Nights Out

I have already made a pact with myself that on my holiday in May, as it's just me and my son, I will stick to CD 100% but what do you guys do if you just have to eat?

I know a lot of you will tell me I need to stick to this 100% and believe me, I am going to do my level best, but I have 2 Hen Nights coming up and a stay with my very unsupportive In Laws.

Can I get away with making sensible choices and avoiding carbs and fat as much as possible. Would I be able to maintain by doing that or should I expect a gain...even a hefty one?

Thanks in advance
K x
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I am due to go on holiday in August and hoping to be near my target weight by then.

I intend to have shakes for breakfast and lunch then have a evening meal out with my family but have child size portions and keep it low fat, calories ad carbs as much as possible. I prob wont drink alcohol either as not much of a drinker anyway.

I stayed with realtives for few days last week and managed to ss 100% I explained to them about my diet, how important it is to me etc etc.

You could always go onto the 810 plan if you feel you really need to eat at your in-laws. Somthing yor cdc could advise you on.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.


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Hey Munchalot..
Just wanted to say its really up to you what you do!.. I think it depends how much you want it and how fast you want to do it!! I want to do it as fast as possible so eating for me will slow things down especially if its the wrong thing.. Its different if you decide to go on ss+ and have the food you are allowed.

I have had lots of social events. I feel that I still want to go to things otherwise your life stops. But I just go with a bar or a milkshake.

I am going away for a few days at the end of May but not sure what stage I will be at I will definatley be taking my shakes and bars and maybe do ss+ in the evening.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do but it really is a decision you need to make for yourself if you want to go away and enjoy and have the food you want thats fine . but it might just take a little longer in the long run x


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This is a really tricky one. I always say that to do CD, you have to be really, really selfish.

In other words, you have to do what you want to do, not what other people want you to do. And yes, on those obligatory evenings out and stays with relatives, people want you to eat.

But here's the thing.

You don't have to eat.

You can take tetras and meal bars with you, and insist that it's what you want to do.

I'm not saying it's easy - God, I wish it was. I'm out for a meal with my Dad and sister next week, and although I tried hard to persuade my Dad that we didn't have to eat, we could just go out for a drink, he wasn't having any of it. So I'll sit and watch them eat. I've done it before. Take a bar with you, sip away at some coffee and some water and enjoy the company.

It's tough. But falling off the diet and trying to get back on it is even tougher, believe me...
Thanks Yummy Mummy, I think your plan for small portions is a great idea.

Thanks Curly Wurly. I do want to lose the weight, but I also know I have to be realistic about my life etc and social engagements play a big part. I have made sure I have hardly anything on for the next 4 weeks so I can be 100% and on the days I'm going out for lunch or something I will be more than happy to take a shake with me. As for the Hen Night, I'm travelling a long way and paid a lot of money so I just know I'm not going to be able to do that and will want to eat the meal. I will just have to accept whatever the results are on the scales. The tricky thing is in the In Laws, cos deep down I want to just tell them this is what I'm doing and stick to CD 100% while I'm there and just have the Hen Night as one night off, but I know they are going to be really negative. I can just hear them now saying I should be having normal meals with my son, that I'm losing the weight too quickly and looking down their noses at me. Want to be strong enough to ride that but this will also be the first time I have been to their house since my Husband died so stress levels are going to be running high as it is.

Maybe I need to tell them now, over the phone, and get the moans well out of the way before the time comes to go visiting.
K x
Completely get where you are coming from Lily and really admire your strength, I'm just not sure I can be that strong :0(


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Incidentally - hen nights where you're the only one who's sober are hilarious... :D :D


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Completely get where you are coming from Lily and really admire your strength, I'm just not sure I can be that strong :0(
LOL, believe me, I'm not always that perfect (I wouldn't be on my millionth restart if I was :(). And having read your later post about the circumstances, I can see how it's probably a hell of a lot trickier for you.

But who knows? Maybe your in-laws will be more supportive than you're expecting. Go armed with all the bumph that shows that CD's safe - and that in fact, recent studies have shown that people who do VLCDs don't put all the weight back on as often as those folks who've followed other diets.



second time around
I'm going on holiday in may (all inclusive) it was booked before i started cd. A few weeks in to cd i was very worried about going and even wished that i wasn't going. But now on week six i feel more in control of this diet im going to take a bar and a shake with me and have a light meal in the evenings. The thought of undoing all my hard work by eating to much on hoilday seems silly as i will have to start all over again.
Lily - Well I did have a chat with my Doctor about it all and MIL knows I was going to see him. I did discuss CD with him and he felt that taking food out of the equation was probably a very good idea so I might just tell her that the Doctor recommended it....might make it easier, she's not going to argue with that eh? Famous last words lol!

Summer - I'm going on holiday with girlfriends in June and am thinking of doing that with them (although I think there will probably be a bit of alcohol involved) Think I just need to bite the bullet with my In Laws really.

I am totally happy to accept that I am going to eat at the Hen Night and I'm prepared for the consequences and will do more exercise to try and help. But a week at the In Laws on top of that is just going to be disastrous....not to mention I will be secretly blaming them for sabotaging my diet!!!

K x
Thanks Summer. I'm a vodka diet coke girl anyway.....unless it is a dirty night filled with cocktails, sambuca and apple sours, lol!

Hmmm, not painting a very good picture am I? Halo is still in tact, honest ;0)

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