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has started again!!
Have a great holiday!

I am off to Spain for a hard earned family holiday in August & I will be eating, although not at the end of LL. I hope to get advice from my LLC nearer the time. My idea is to have 3 packs a day, plus one protein/salad based meal. I suspect there will also be some wine or the odd G&T involved too! We are renting a villa so catering for ourselves, so I hope it wont be too tough for me!

There are others who have been totally brill and stuck to LL perfectly whilst on their hols, but I wont be one of them. Its a rare thing for us to do and I want to enjoy it, not feel left out as I have on so many occasions this year!! (Sorry if thats wrong!)

Just enjoy, but bear in mind why you are doing LL, to help keep you focused. Why not book a pop-in as soon as you can once you return to help you jump straight back on board?


I am going away on Thursday and I still can't decide what to do...

I am utterly miserable today so I think stuff it I am eating whilst I am away but I know tomorrow I will wake up and think oh no what a waste... I really don't know what to tell you as I am undecided myself... All inclusive would make it even harder!

All I do know is that the people on here who have ate on their holidays have came back and gained almost a stone - for me that puts the fear of death in me.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Its a very personal choice & I've actually decided not to have a holiday until after I do LL and probably not util next year! I postponed the start for a skiing holiday and was pleased I did! Can totally understand why people want to eat when abroad but terrified that I'd never be able to get back on track! It's an individua journey at the end of the day so you just do whats right for you!


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I was away last week and came back on Wednesday - when I got weighed on Thurs morning I'd gained 11.5lbs (since the Wed morning of the week before). Now since the plane landed I've been right back on track, got straight back into the diet as I had planned and this morning when I got weighed my gain is down to 4.25lbs --- I've got to say that I'm more than happy with this, anything up to a 7lb gain wouldn't have really bothered me, I planned to enjoy my holiday as they're what I work for the rest of the year and enjoy it I did.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do, I'm sure you'll work out what's best for you.



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"...Its a rare thing for us to do and I want to enjoy it, not feel left out as I have on so many occasions this year!! (Sorry if thats wrong!)..."

Its not wrong Sez. I think we all have to make the decision for ourselves. I was like Yorkiegirl and decided to SS, and that was the right decision for me.

Paula, you have a blooming good time on holiday, and when you come back, don't forget to get your extra support from us here at Minis.


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I am going to Rome on Thursday for a long weekend, and as my Hubby is also doing LL HE has decided that we are going to remain on it.

I was looking at doing the 3 shakes and a meal (salad / protein), but he said it was all of nothing.

I am pretty glad he has made the decision, but he has decided for me as well.....and i will lose next week.

Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, no matter what they decide to do x

I went away last weekend with the intention of getting straight back on on wednesday when i returned to work...didn't happen. Starting back today and bloody starving!!!! Don't get me wrong i still would not even contemplate taking packs away with me but it is very hard now, so just be prepared for that. When i actually came back the first thing i did was jump on the scales and was delighted i had not gained a pound but that is defiantely not the case now nearing a week later as i've gained about 8lb.
Stay focused and if you decide to eat make sure you stay in control!!! (I think thats how i managed not gaining while away)

have a great time whatever

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