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Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
What do you good people do when you go away on holiday - do you try to stick to the low carbing, or do you take a little holiday from the diet as well?

I've got two weeks in sunny Devon booked for the beginning of July, and personally, I *definitely* plan to take a break from the diet as well! Mmmm, Devon cream teas, Cornish pasties, seaside fish & chips... no way am I missing out on all that! We plan to do a LOT of walking so hopefully I won't put on too much weight, but I think that by then, five months in, I will have earned a little holiday treat. And if I do put on some pounds I'm not going to beat myself up over it - holidays come but once a year, and I will be straight back on the diet as soon as I get back!
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id try and steer my ass towards atkins....steaks with salad, fish with veg. Id have one treat a day. But thats me and would probably - if push came to shove - cave under family pressure to snort cream teas up my nose!


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We go twice a year to the south of France, we always get a self catering cottage so I can buy all that lovely fresh meat and veggies from the market. That way I'm not tempted really. Oh and we both tend to eat a lot of fish whilst we are there, seems more readily available somehow.
I think once you leave ketosis with one little treat, you are done for pretty much half the week, so its either go for it big time, or be good big time. I don't crave carbs at all, and actually like my neanderthal diet, so would stick with it (plus I committed to a year, so next year I might holiday from maintenance!)

Have a great time!


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The other thing is, I came a real cropper over our first holiday on Atkins. I put on about 8lbs and then spent a month losing it again, that was a scare.


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When I started LL it was 6 weeks before Xmas and I thought, there is no way I can get through without eating food. When it got closer, I realised that actually I could, and I did. I had a wicked time and realised that it is about what you do and who with that counts, not the food you eat. The same with holidays.
I think Atkins is a whole lot easier to stick to than some other diets.

Wait until you get nearer the time before make a final decision, it is a way off yet, and you might just surprise yourself. Think about what compromises you are and aren't willing take make. Why not just have the strawberries and cream and skip the scone. Take a few treats with you, like nuts and atkins bars, whatever your favourites are.

With only 20lbs left to go, you may well be maintaining and on higher carbs by then any way.


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I live in Devon and depending where you go our chippies have gone posh. They now do griddled fish or fried to your liking [in loads of butter please!], they even do fresh made mayo with herbs or garlic etc [carbfree]. Crab salads by the sea, bbq's are always good. I think you can allow yourself a bit of a break, but you'd be really devastated if you got back and the hard work you've already put in had been undone.

Enjoy Devon, hope the sunshines for you!

Lady Marmalade

Bad girl warning...
You're right of course, it's not impossible to stick to Atkins whilst on holiday, and I'm very impressed with everyone who does do that. I'm not going to make any excuses for it like inconvenience or my OH's eating habits - the fact is, I plan to eat carbs on my holiday as a reward for all my hard work! I know that isn't really the Atkins way. Maybe I'll have a rethink a bit closer to the time, maybe one week on and one week off? Hopefully the 7-mile hikes will stop the weight piling back on too badly.

I hope the sun shines too, barbapapa, although I never count on it in the UK!
Bloody hell Jim, thats enough to put anyone off! When I think how long it takes to lose 8lb. A month's diet screwed in the swallowing of a chip!
I don't know why, but ever since I started Atkins TT, I can really pile the weight on fast if I start eating bad carbs again, then i have to go on induction and lose 2lbs a week. I put on 4lbs just over the Bank holiday, because all you can get in Twickenham on a match day is Junk carb foods.
So Atkins is not just for Christmas its for life?!


Fat busting crime fighter
Bwahahahahahhaha! Lol Anna!
Jim, you could have nibbled on the grass, Twickers is notorious for having incredibly healthy grass and zero carbs
Ah but being on the pitch with all those macho rugby players is contagious love. :D

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