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Home Made Curry = Resisted!!


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Hey guys & gals :)

My mum has just made a home made curry - my favourite home made meal - and all i did was stand over the pan and smell it. Closed my eyes and imagined i just ate it whilst taking in a big whiff ..... does the trick ... as weird as it sounds!! Proud of myself for resisting as today i have had a few really loud belly grumbles, not so much hunger but i duno!! lol

Bring on the 2nd weekend :D :D :D :D

Good luck for the weekend everyone!

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Well done hun!! Its the inner dialogue that gets me...one part of me saying, 'oh for god sake just eat...and the other saying 'no dont do it'...and the third one saying 'your gonna fail anyway you just as well do it now'

Its exausting sometimes!! xxx


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Awwww hun those inner dialogues i can imagine arnt helping at all!!
Thankfully i have had nothing like that - im guessing thats maybe part of the reason as to why i havnt fealt 'hungry' yet or even contemplated giving it up - i am in this for the long haul and actually enjoying it!! Besides, me ma said she guna make me one in June when im done hehe :)


I will be skinny again!!!
Ive had the Grumblies really bad too.. Last night when i was lying in bed was really bad.. And my mum actually said to me "Chelcie i heard you farting all night " I was like i wasnt :( it was my stomach!!!!

She didnt believe me like...

But well done chick good work :)
well done love good going

i been feeling proper hungry last 3 days at least i only have 11 days left i been tempted though
The taking a big wiff made me smile-i do that all the time.I know i cant eat it as ill put weight on but if i smell it i cant lol i just around taking in the smells lol
Well done for resisting the curry. You've joined the "sniffers" I love to sniff everything I cook for the children and was always able to stick to just smelling it and not eating it. These days everything smells yummy - including the liver I fried for my OH last week! I hate liver but it did smell nice!!!!!!

Well done honey!! Feels great when you resist stuff! And weirdly smelling stuff does help! :)

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Well done for resisting. I'm not in the sniffers category yet as it would come too close to my mouth! XX
well done hun, all these tests are to trick us and I am glad that ya havent failed once


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Thanks guys :)
And yeah, i think i am definatly a sniffer!!! haha - If it gets us through it it cant be a bad thing :D


I will be skinny again!!!
I havent been to keen on sniffing things, scared i will eat them.. but i couldnt get enough of sniffing Chris's empty beef jerkey wrappers lol!!

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