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Home made fry light?

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Mines run out, but when I read the ingredients its 58% sunflower oil, water and then some other rubbish. Now, if I were to refill the bottle with a ratio of 58% sunflower oil to water, do you think it would be the same as frylight syn wise. I cann't see why not, can you?

In fact, been and made up a bottle, tried the squirt and it looks exactly the same. You are only going to get a smidge of oil anyway aren't you cos oil and water don't mix, and because you shake the bottle before you squirt, its going to be a minute amount of oil comming out with the water.

Discuss. lol
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Ohh, what a poser for a saturday night (poser of a question that is!!)

Now, my first thought as I started to read this was that the other rubbish is to keep the mixture together and stop the oil and water splitting. However, when reading on, I discovered that your master plan was to shake the bottle before spraying so that has dismissed that little thought.

So, my second thought, after completely reading your post, was that yes, I think you possibly could make your own fry light.

discuss further if you will :)
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lol @ total unrelatedness of above post!! :D

Good to know though...thanks!
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LOL!!! I don't do logic either and did not get that link at all!
G: 10st10lb
I dont see why it shouldnt work, however the other ingredients could be to preserve the spray as well, you might find it doesnt last as long and 'spoils' after so long.
Good point, just been and checked bottle again and yes there is a small amount of alcohol in it (supose that would be the preservative) so a dash of vodka should do the trick then do you think lol, flambe here we come.


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LOL... love this thread, it's so good girls.

I love it Vodka flavoured Frylight Oil and flambed fried eggs, Priceless, LOL...... X


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why go to all that trouble when tesco are doing the frylite sunflower for 99p
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I have managed to flambe Frylight before now ........... whack some Vodka in !


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Frylight for 99p??! I thought I'd bagged a bargain at Sainsbury's - £1.40!

Gonna stock up! Bloody Somerfield are charging £2.19!!!


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Hi Vixxster! I left a comment on your blog about the Frylight too. I thought you had maybe found supersized bottles!


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I know I saw the comment thanks! I have updated my blog and am off to Tescos tonight to do some bargain price-checking!! (and to stock up on 99p frylight, OMG I worship this stuff!)

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