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Home-made Milkshake


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Its crazy really You can make a pint of smoothie with a few fruits that would have a worse syn value than a pint of beer


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Hey dependn on how much banana you used 28g pureed flesh only is 1.5 syns and an average banana is 4 syns each. If you aren't using the milk as an healthy extra that would also have to be syned 0.5 syns per level tbsp of semi skimmed milk or 250ml as a hex A. The options would be fine as they are designed to be used as a drink yo would only have to syn the sachet depending on flavour. Enjoy! Xx
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Iv just told my friend about the syned banana theory, and she said that when you eat a banana, you chew it, and squash it, before you swallow....so what's the difference??

This has really made me want to ask why a banana has to be syned when it is broken down???
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I don't understand the theory behind synning a mashed banana either. I mean, I understand that when you juice an orange or something then you're just get the sugar and not anything actually filling, but a banana is just as filling whizzed up in milk as it is eaten on its own! Weird.

Oh and if you use a low fat ice cream (i think Wall's too good to be true might be ok?? you'd have to check though!) you can add 30g for 2 syns and it makes the milkshake taste awesome!
Eating fruit in it's raw form, involves chewing etc, it therefore takes a lot longer to eat and gives your body enough time to recognise that you have eaten and therefore is more filling than a piece of fruit that has been cooked, pureed or blended etc, where you skip that process completely and don't get the same satisfaction. Not to mention that you have more quantity of fruit in it's raw form. Take for instance 5 apples in their raw form, and imagine how long it would take to eat them, you most likely wouldn't be able to, not without stomach ache anyway. Now stew those apples and the quantity would reduce dramatically and you could probably easily consume those 5 apples in that way. Same goes for blending etc

This question is one that is answered on the SW website FAQ section and it makes perfect sense as to why they have this rule.

It is there to protect every members weight loss. We all need to trust in the plan and follow the rules SW set out if we want to remain 100%, otherwise it isn't the SW plan we are following, it is our own plan and lets face it, that has never worked for any of us before, otherwise we all wouldnt be here trying to lose weight.
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