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Homemade lasagne


will beat the bulge!!
I would say at a guess 5 to 6 depending whether oil was used, low fat cheddar etc.
it's going to vary a lot isn't it? Depending on how much cheese sauce you use and what sort of cheese. Plus how much meat and how much pasta per portion. i suppose all you could do was to make a rough guess and use that but it's very unscientific!


will beat the bulge!!
I just had a hunt around on the net and the most common one I got back was 7.5 so I put it down as that xx
Thanx for your help :)


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I always point my at around 6 but then I use batchelors condensed mushroom soup with phillidelphia light for sauce....and its yummy!


Hiya Chucks!!
Hi i always point my Homemade lasagne at 8 points per portion
I use very lean mince,philly+s.milk mixed for the sauce and also use tortilla wraps instead of pasta sheets.

Hmm could eat it now.
have you not got a points guide, mrsjk? you're going to struggle in the long term without, methinks. with one, of course, all you need to do is weigh and point all your ingredients and then divide the points by the number of portions.

Anything else is a bit too hit-and-miss to be honest x


will beat the bulge!!
I do have a points guide yes I have the majority of the booklets etc, I just wanted to know what it would be for the whole meal rather than pointing every ingredient. Thanks for your help ladies it was yummy :)


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You shouldn't just guess - like Karen says, you need to work out the points in each ingredient, add them up and divide by the number of portions. A guess when you have to is ok, like when you're eating out and don't know exactly what's in your meal, but if you're making it yourself, you might as well get the points right.


will beat the bulge!!
I looked on other places and it varied between 5 and 11 but 7.5 came up the most so I used that, I don't think it'll do me any harm to be out by a couple of points, I'm a big girl so I think I can decide for myself thank you very much, I'm not here to be critiscised by the way I choose to do things I am here for support. I asked a question and just wanted an answer not telling what I SHOULD do. Thank you anyway.
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Blimey - only trying to help! I'll leave you to it.
Nixx isnt criticising you Mrs.jk, its just that many of us know that even being out by a few points can greatly impact on your weightloss - it would be such a shame to see you do so well and then find that a guess at points somewhere along the line hasnt been as close to the mark as you thought and it has affected your loss. All nixx was saying is that once its worked out for you then you'll always know that your version of lasagne is so many points per portion :)
Nixx wasn't criticising ya hun, she was trying to help ya out. I remember when I done ww, there was nothing worse when ya are cooking for yourself and find ya may have put in too much ingredients and then later on find ya have gained because of it.

Glad it tasted good though!!


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Hey come on - no bitc*ing please - it's unattractive. :)

I think everybody is reading people's posts wrong - its very hard through CMC (computer mediated communication) to gauge how people are meaning to come across. We all do it in text messages - bf says something we get a bit annoyed about - usually he forgets the x at the end.....hehehe.

And remember girls - what works for one is not always right for another...

Smiles please ladies. :)


will beat the bulge!!
I apologise, I don't want to argue with anybody that isn't why I am here, it sounded to me like a criticism and a harsh reply and like I was being told off like a naughty school girl lol but I do understand how messages can be mistrued which it probably was so I am sorry if I was over defensive :)
Heh, ive seem physical fights over lasagne!!! :8855:

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