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homemade oil mix and sugar substitutes

Discussion in 'SW Sizzling Summer Recipes' started by nettleboo, 12 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. nettleboo

    nettleboo Well-Known Member

    Hi has anyone made homemade frylite and if so oil to water ratios please? And also I have no wish too use sweetener can some one tell me a good natural alternative please
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  3. RosiePops

    RosiePops Well-Known Member

    Not sure about the home made frylight- I started sw in march and have only just had to buy my second bottle. I know its quite expensive but it has lasted well.
    My OH is not keen on artificial sweetener so tends to use honey and syn it. You could use maple/golden syrup or use cooking methods/ingredients that naturally sweeten- roasting carrots, parsnips, sweet potatoes and peppers makes them lovely and sweet. Choosing sweeter fruits- bananas, ripe berries etc? Xx
  4. I don't use Frylight because I find it makes a mess of my pans and utensils. I use a pure olive oil spray - not syn-free but the taste and cooking results are so much better that to my mind it is definitely worth it.
  5. eejayess

    eejayess Well-Known Member

    Oil and water don't mix so there must be a bit more to it than that I think.
  6. bilsat

    bilsat Really likes to cook

    I have used a mix of crisp & dry and a small quantity of water in an old frylight spray, just shake before spraying!
  7. Burtie

    Burtie Member

    You could try any Stevia product for a natural sweetner, personally I find the aftertaste a bit nasty so don't use it but you may think differently :)

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