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    Hi everyone.

    I had a ‘blip’ a couple of weeks ago, I’m now back on track, but it really was the last straw for me loosing patience with my counsellor. Long story short, she has said a varity of comments to me since I started which have just rubbed me up the wrong way and I didn’t find her supportive at all.

    I couldn’t make class last week (First time – I emailed her to explain (my Mother was extremely ill and I took a week of work to go and nurse her in my home town that is 3 hours away, and asked if I could come for a pop-in to get my packs when I was back – NO REPLY!)

    On top of this I really do not like the format of her classes. This is the second time I have done LL and the first time I found the CBT invaluable. This LLC seems to jump round the materials, add her own & we don’t watch the DVDs (she says people don’t find them useful)

    I have been looking for another LLC close by and have called up a couple, so far none of them have got back to me and they aren’t really in that are in convenient locations anyway.

    I’m thinking of swapping to Cambridge, as I have found a counsellor that’s really convenient to me and I can’t see it’s worth paying the extra for the counselling that is with my LLC in all honesty completely useless!


    Unfortunately I’m no longer located near my old LLC, or I would go back their like a shot!

    My questions are
    1, Can you loose the same amount of weight on CD as LL, I’m assuming you can as it’s the same packs, but I’m confused as to when you have to add a meal on CD, or if you are allowed to follow sole source until your target BMI, or if you have to add a meal when your BMI is less than 25.

    2, I was thinking that the RTM would be invaluable and am concerned about not following this.

    3, Do you think that it’s my warped internal chatterbox trying to get me off the programme al together!!

    I do see a fantastic therapist/counsellor weekly who I organically went to see with relationship issues, pretty early on we started working on my food issues and it’s my intent to work through the plan with her and not give up the counselling all together, I just feel as though my LLC is not giving me good value.
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    Kate you've got to do what's right for you and if you really believe that the counselling isn't working for you - or rather the counsellor then I think you are so right to consider moving programmes. The worst thing that could happen if you don't is that you'll become so discouraged that you'll either give up or even worse sabotage it yourself.

    As far as I'm aware you lose the same amounts on CD and LL - not too sure over whether you 'have' to add a meal so hopefully someone else will be able to let you know about that ---- though the CD section of this site is a mine of information for all things CD -- loads of 'stickies' there.

    I can understand your thinking RTM is invaluable but surely there will be enough information in the RTM section of the LL forum to enable you to follow it - I know you won't get the counselling around trigger foods but there will be people in that section who know clear info on RTM and would surely help you along.

    As to your 3rd quester no from reading your post I don't believe that this is your chatterbox putting you off - otherwise you'd just be looking to stop altogether and not to swap one programme for another.

    I really wish that you were getting what you believe to be a fair service from LL - but especially with this being your second go you know what 'good' is and therefore you know what isn't good and you shouldn't have to accept that.

    Really do wish you all the luck in the world - hope it all gets sorted for you.
  4. Dancing

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    1. yes
    2. I was on LL for 100 days, moved to CD and had a moment recently of thinking I needed LL RtM however, I've found CDs stages (which you move through on the way to maintenance) is very effective and am confident that it will work in the same way as RtM
    3. possibly.

    If you feel the CBT is so important, I would advise you to think again about how inconvenient it would be getting to a different LLC .... how valuable is the CBT to you? Surely your ongoing success is very important and worth a little inconvenience?

    Whatever you decide I wish you luck and I'm sorry to hear you are not happy with your current LLC. Perhaps you could call/email her explaining how you feel and give her the opportunity to come through for you.
  5. Dancing

    Dancing Gold Member

    oh, re. your CD confusion (understandable) ... you really need to speak with a CDC and all will become clear. Also, people report just as good losses on AAM/SS+ as on SS and the difference in losses between SS and 790/810 is approx 2lbs a month .... so still very good losses
  6. Frejja

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    I swapped from LL to CD after 11 weeks. By then, the counselling part of LL was about over and I needed the variety CD offered. I did not do AAM weeks as my GP gave me permission to keep on SSing which I did for 20 weeks all in. Good luck! LL is actually based on CD so I don't think you should worry to much about changing if it's right for you.
  7. Kate78

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    Lighter Life
    Thanks for the advice ladies. Off to see a CD lady on Saturday, I'm going to make my final decision then. I'll keep you posted. Need to do something and get back on the straight and narrow again.

    Am thinking of writing to HQ and complaining about my LL counsellor as well!
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