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honest opinions on the food packs please :)

Hi , i am hoping to start cambridge on friday ( after 15 weeks on lipotrim ) and wondered what the shakes soups and bars are like ?? can you all give me the ones you love and the ones you hate and why please ??....... pretty please :) I dont want to end up with a load I cant drink !!!
Thanks :)
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I love chocolate tetras, peanut bars and cranberry bars. yum
love hot choc mint, hot toffee & walnut, choc orange bars, peanut bars, cranberry bar, malt toffee bar, chicken & mushroom soup and thai chilli soup

Don't like chocolate bar, broccoli soup, potato & leek soup

Good luck :)
everyone is different, i live on choc mint shakes (hot), love leek and potato and chic and mushroom soups, like all the bars except peanut,
best thing would be to try a selection of the ones you might like then yu dont like them at least you know not to get them, my hubby likes most of the shakes, soups and bars and the banana and choc tetras


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I love the chocolate, butterscotch and fruits of the forest shakes, all the tetra's (choc, strawb & banana), the chewy bars are good, not so sure about the peanut and cranberry ones though. As for the soup, they all make me sick, but I loved them at first, I don't know what happened to make me go off them. There's plenty of choice to avoid getting bored and I've found I can still avoid the ones I don't like without feeling like I have no choices.

Good luck xx


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Hate all the soups, gutted, like choc mint shake the best, hate the choc orange shake. Like the peanut bar best and choc tetra.
As said you have to try them all as everyone likes different products.


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Hate the tetras, love the shakes, but mostly chocolate, like porridge and love the malt toffee bars (I don't bother with the rest) chilli soup is yum, so is chick/mush (when disguised with herbs/curry powder!) Otherwise you can keep the others, bleugh!

As others have said, it's down to personal choice, really- make sure you order a selection, that way you're bound to find something!
Normally I love my soups, but I dont really like the CD ones, I get more satisfaction from the shakes. The tetras are nice but they are only small. Porridge is quite nice but would rather a shake. I like all the flavours of shake especially the vanilla ones.. I am only on week two so havent tried a choc bar yet. I would try them all and swap the ones you dont like (my CDC lets me do this)
Good luck xx missP
My cdc said that chocolate mint shake is the most popular. I like it hot in the evening.

Not keen on any of the soups anymore, would prefer to have a shake instead.

I think Cranberry bars are the nicest, think I would carry on taking them even when i've finished actually dieting.

Just a matter of trying them all I guess, sure you'll find enough things to get you through. Good Luck! (not that it looks like your need it after what you've already achieved).

p.s I like your choice of ticker, lol.


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I like choc tetra's, none of the shakes, I like spicy tomato , chick and mush, potato and leek soup. I've only tried the chocolate bar and it was horrendous, put me off trying any others.
only frozen choc tetras and peanut bars for me but everyone taste is different
I like choc shakes, chicken soup, chilli soup, choc tetras as a treat -frozen - most of the bars - although they are quite sweet, but that suits me fine! Shakes I like most of them, except the fruity ones ... hot, or blitzed with a whole tray of ice cubes and 100 mls water, eaten from a bowl with a spoon.
Hope you find something you like - I agree though that the tomato soup is ... an acquired taste!!!
I liked the chocolate tetra (but it's very small!), the chocolate and strawberry shakes are lovely (the choc is delicious hot). I love the oriental chilli soup and have it every evening, wasn't too keen on the tomato soup.

I love cappucino coffee but the cappucino shake was vile - far too sweet (I had it hot) and wasn't too keen on the butterscotch shake.

The apple and cinnimon porridge is nice but I make it with more water than recommended as otherwise it's too gloopy and thick.

Good luck with the plan :)


hoping for a good loss
Well I like them all!!!!!!!!! However I love some more than others

Porridge is nice too, but some people say it is like eating wall paper paste. Have to play with the water amounts though to get the right texture.

Not much help really am I lol

Charlie xx

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Love the porridge (must have liked wall paper paste as a kid :p ) I hate the tetras because I think they have a weird aftertaste! I like the peanut bar but hate the chocolate one...made me go off trying the other chewy ones. I haven't tried the shakes yet as I switched from LT to CD last week.

But as you can see everyone's different! :)
Ok the Choc tetra's are lovely, they remind me of Mars milk drinks. I love the cappachino, I always have it hot and add a little extra coffee. The toffee and walnut is also one of my favourites , have it hot with a spoonful of coffee and a sweetner.

Bannana shakes are nice, ice cold after a really good workout.


please try again
choc mint shake all the way for me, i have 3 a day

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