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Honestly Sir, my dog ate it!!


2nd time's a charm!!
Hi guys,

I could do with some advice... I have come home from work tonight to find that my 10 month old Irish Water Spaniels have devoured my bars and soups!! I have my WI on Tues evening, so would normally have 7 sachets left. The hungry, naughty hounds have eaten my bars and some soup, so leave me only 5.:mad: I work 40 miles away and won't be able to get to my CDC before WI. Can anyone suggest what I could replace them with? I have been on SS for 9 weeks so far, and to be honest, have been a little worried about moving up the plan or adding a meal before I have to in case I fell off the wagon! Would I be ok adding a meal with only 2 soups a day?
Bit worried about the dogs, too as the bars are covered in chocolate and this is dangerous to dogs. Can anyone help??

Oh, they've kindly eaten my contraceptive pills, too (but I know that these won't harm them - yes, they've done that before!!) They've learnt to open the door to the hallway, which opens towards them. They're worse than bloomin' kids!! :sigh:

Any ideas would be greatfully received xx
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WILL be Slim!
how many do you need to have today?
If you need some today....have 1 tonight,
3 tomorrow
and 1 before you go on tues night, then 2 after WI, if you cant go that long. have 2 tomorrow and a SS_ meal...and then 2 on tuesday before WI....
Little b*ggers arent they! lol
At least they have good taste!
If they have only eaten 2 i wouldnt worry too much hun.....think they have to consume a LOT of choc for it to be bad for them



2nd time's a charm!!
Just got to have the 1 tonight. That sounds like a good idea to me. Don't think my brain is engaged properly. Probably the fumes from the Vanish spray I had to use to get the spicy tomato soup out of the cream rug!! You'd think I starved them!! x
I am so sorry, but had to share just how much i chuckled that the dogs actually ate CD! lol

On the other side I feel your pain. If you decide to do one on tuesday before wi I would suggest splitting it!
Sorry, but I had to laugh. They are little sods! But adorable with it. Have you thought of muzzles for when you have to leave them.

If you're desperate, you try to get some Atkins bars. They are low carb, so shouldn't do any harm if you just have them for a day or two.
LMAO @ the dogs eating cd, maybe they should go for a weigh in as well

Thankfully my dog hasn't taken a fancy to it yet
Spaniels will be spaniels. one todat 2 tomorrow and try and get to WI tuesday with only the one before hand
my puppy loves licking the inside of my tetra packs after I've eaten them!

CD is so amazing even the animals are after it ;)

Your dogs are sooooo cute by the way!



2nd time's a charm!!
Thanks guys - I tried to tell them off at the time, but they look at me with those eyes and I just melt... I've caught one of them (Fergus)drinking out of my mug of soup - he loves the spicy tomato! Had my weigh in today and lost 4lbs, so I'm happy enough! Gonna put my box of sachets in a cupboard away from naughty noses!

Not sure if we should all take it as a compliment that the boys like CD, seeing as Fergus has also eaten a pop sock!! :confused:
I've got a 12 mth German Shepherd pup and she'll eat anything! Found her rifling through the bathroom bin the other day... next thing I'm chasing her down the stairs.... sanitary towel hanging out of her mouth.... there's no accounting for tastes!


2nd time's a charm!!
They never fail to embarrass us! I only have 1 cushion left - the other 3 have been disembowled. Thought it had been snowing inside the house!

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