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I can't stop eating. Full stop. I follow my dukan menus but can't say no to anything else and have been sort of binge-ing in the evening, I don't even think I'm tasting what I eat.. I don't know what's wrong with me and I've come close to throwing in the towel :( but Dukan has been so good to me!

I think it might be because I miss food ike carbs, chocolate, going out for meals etc etc, and as I'm getting closer to target I'm sabotaging myself especially as I want to reach target before Christmas...which was possible until yesterday... :wave_cry:

Monday to Wednesday I just picked at bits but stopped myself.. yesterday and today... I feel guilty and ashamed. I don't want to quit but I feel like a failure and I'm annoyed at myself for doing it and don't know why I can't just stop!! Hmmph.. I'm just unsure how to get back on track and stay there.. feel like my will power is dwindling..
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How flippin miserable for you- it is just rubbish when you get like this on a diet. NOt sure what to suggest to get you to stop cos really you know that you are the only one who can do it, nagging from anyone will not help. When I am feeling a bit like busting out on this diet I keep reminding myself of the one thing that the hypnotherapist taught me!!!! I AM in control of everything that passes my lips!!! Simples! LOL x
This always happens to me close to goal, it's a self-sabotage that you've probably repeated on other diets and maybe in other areas of your life if you look closely at it...It's a pattern of behaviour that you CAN change though. Just don't put yourself in a position to fail, don't have those foods near you, don't bring extra money to allow yourself to buy lunch, just pack your Dukan friendly foods etc! And quickly put the past failure behind you, don't feel guilty, don't allow yourself to wallow and feel ashamed, just understand that this happens, don't beat yourself up and move on! x
Are you snack-eating non Dukan friendly stuff? Is it because you really want/crave it, or just because it's handy?
I find these long evenings v depressing (possibly SAD?) and all I want is comfort and hibernation! It is sooo tempting if there is forbidden stuff in the cupboard/ fridge when I'm in that frame of mind. I agree it is only you that can change things, but best to help the inner D along...
I tried to have some easy snacky things in the fridge helped- chicken bits, yoghurt, biltong, squid rings, smoked salmon, boiled eggs etc. Those would take the edge off the hunger. Then you need to give yourself a treat - not necessarily food : long soak in the bath, walk in the woods, cuddle with cat all did the trick for me.
It's good you are cross with yourself, just need to harness that energy! Go on dust yourself down, do a couple of pp days straight, and then carry on.
You'll get there, it just may take a bit longer. I think you're doing fine, and you'll be partying with a clear conscience at new year.
ohh it's so hard.. I haven't stopped eating this week, part of me hopes it's a tapeworm, as there's no other explanation for this hunger! (hmm apart from maybe pmt..) I have just bought loads of dukan-friendly stuff with this in mind & when I feel peckish I reach for another bit of chicken/spoon of sugar free jelly/etc.. it's not the same as a nice hot bit of toast or a warm jacket potato on a cold winter's day, but if I eat enough, it does fill me up :) maybe we're lucky that winter has been late in striking this year, i think theres definitely something in the "sad" theory.. but whats bad for retailers has been good for dukan! you've done so well so far, menus always look great & I'm always amazed at how much exercise you do! once back on the wagon, you'll feel much better for it x
My DH and I had a good 4 days completely off Dukan a while ago, and it would have been so easy to just give up. However we both decided to carry on trying, did a few days PP and got back in to it. Only you know whether you will be happy if you stop now. You should be proud of all that you have already achieved.
Don't stop DeeCee! I was 154 at my absolute heaviest, we're the same height and getting into the 140s is an accomplishment...but getting into the 130s when you do it, it will feel AMAZING! Keep going x


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Thanks everyone :) feeling a bit more positive & I'm going take on some of your advice and try to take my mind off the food or have something handy, I think it's been more of a comfort thing... and I've been feeling stressed lately and I'm not sure why. I've been trying to be organised but when I leave things to snack on in the fridge etc.. someone eats them :mad: & I think it's been annoying me..might have to buy labels..or I've been asked to temp somewhere and have to rush without taking food with me..

I'm gonna get back on the horse do a couple of PP days for a good kick up the bum and just carry on!

I'm glad I joined here though, I don't think I would have got this far without it! :D

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