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Hi, I feel I need to 'vent', I hope no one minds, don't know where else to go and I need to 'confess'. Last week was my first week on lipotrim which I really struggled with. Managed ok till the 6th day when i was at a bbq with friends and caved in to vodka. I still went and got weighed and was delighted to find that I had lost 8lb. I started again yesterday but had nasty constipation, I took ducolax that the chemist gave me and now have had the worst runny tummy with lots of pain. I am gonna start again tomorrow as long as i can get rid of this tummy thing. I really want and need to lose my weight so badly but desperately need some support. now i have found this forum I intend to read every day and hope this will help.
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Hey Suzuki Im sorry you are feeling under the weather. This forum is great because no one judges, we are all human and things happen but all you will get is some advice and support.

I know ducolax is very strong and perhaps that as you have very little in the stomach anyway with taking the shakes, that taking ducolax is resulting in the bad reaction. I know lots of people (including myself) who suffer from constipation on this diet, last time I was on LT I dredded going as I knew I will be sitting there for ages in pain, discomfort with no real satisfaction. This time I decided to prevent the ordeal and have been taking the fibre clear (which LT recommends) twice a day, one in the morn and one at night. I also take senokat, which is a little lighter than ducolax, now I have to admit Ive tried and tested the dosage a few times and take 3 tablets (a night) every second day. I still only go to the bathroom once a week, however, it is so much smoother and less of an ordeal. Perhaps a little experimenting might help. All bodies are different so what works for me might not work for you and vice versa.

On the vodka point, just a word of warning- be VERY careful when you are in ketosis alcahol is strictly not permitted. There have been some cases in the forums of people have a glass of something and ended up in hospital so if you are being offered, say no, use some excuse if needs be or just walk away... not worth it!

Hope what Ive said has helped a bit and I do hope you are feeling a little brighter tomorrow.
Thank you so much for taking the time to reply. I feel much better this morning and have made a fresh start. Nothing to get in my way now either.
Good morning

Hello to all the new folk. I'm on wek 4 had a bit of a blip last night and this morning aghhh. But im determined to get back to it today. I love this site its really motivating hearing other peoples genuine stories. Hopefully today will be a better day. As they say one day at a time.


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hi suziki babe,

I have probs with constipation too, I did LT a few years ago and lost 38lbs, the way I coped with constipation then, and now as I have just started again (long story) is by using fibre clear (as already suggested) drinking loads, and using ex lax, I used the chocolate and had a half piece a day - the carb amount is as negligable as the fibre clear and senna, and it tastes so awful you would never want more than 1/2 square anyway, but it was a way of altering the dose to suit.

some may strongly reccommend against this approach, so I would like to add, this is what worked for me, if it carries on and you struggle, speak to pharm again before changing what they suggested last time.

as for the alcohol, as mentioned already, that is a big dangerous no no on LT, I know people on atkins who have drank and say its ok, but I think our bodies have enough to cope with in ketosis without drinking toxins too. if I remember - I read on the internet that drinking during ketosis can risk ketoacidosis which is very dangerous for your body.

good luck, and well done for getting back on track.

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