Hooray minimins


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All weekend I have been struggling badly. More than I have ever struggled before. It's definitely so much harder this second time around. I normally have no problems with the shakes, but now I am sick of drinking sweet stuff and crave starch.

My husband is at his parents having tea and I have just text him to say - " I can't do it :-("
Now he'll imagine he'll prob come home to see me troffing through something.
No, no, noooooooooooooooooo......

So have come on here to look at all the good work that is being done on here and to give myself a big kick up the ass.

This is not easy and never will be. Why do some of us still believe this is easy?
Personally, yeah it's a lot easier not having to worry about the supermarket shop, should I shouldn't I eat this....... The whole thought process is removed. But we love our food. It's not just an element of survival, it's a social thing, something that sometimes we have actually taken for granted for too long.

But there's a reason we're all here in the first place.

I just got out my old slimming world book and am comparing what I have lost on LT to how long it took me to do it on SW. Was contemplating going to WW, but at the end of the day, I'll still be on a diet but it'll take me twice as long to shift the weight.

So hoooooooorrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaa for Minimins and the LT forum.
We are fantastic and don't let anyone tell you you're not. What we are achieving is amazing and we all deserve a pat on the back.

I know 100% and have said it all along,
without Minimins I would not succeed

Right, off my final shake and tomorrow is a new LT day
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bless you hun. you are totally right though. food is a huge part of EVERYONES life, let alone us that are overweight and i dont think you realise how much you take it for granted until you can;t do it anymore!!
But i just keep thinking that tfr is not for life and if i have to sacrifice a few social events then it will definatley be worth it once the weight is off.
I just think would i rather have a few months of being mierable, then carry on the rest of my life being miserable?


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hey hun,

i really struggled yesterday - it must be the really cold weather, and the minute i logged on here my willpower came flooding back!

It really is a brilliant site and full of lovely people!!!

rainbow brite

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Excellent post sweetie!! :) xx

blue eyes

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Your right about this site, its a lifeline. What a fantastic weight loss! Keep with it. XX


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Well done to you for looking at things in a different way and I totally agree with you about the SW and WW, even though they are great diets, I just lose patience with the 1lb a week which I was getting. The temptation for me to cheat on those was too great for me after about a month.
Keep strong and well done once again.


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I could not have done it if it wasn't for this site i totally agree with you all! I know i never would have done it if i didn't know there were other people in the same position as me and knowing that you wouldn't be judged when you did fall off the wagon slightly....it just goes to show that your not alone xxxx