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Hoping this is start of new me

Tomorrow I am going to be starting back on the Lipotrim TFR programme. Did it last September and things went well, however went on a unexpected holiday and things slipped fast. 11 months on and I am back to the weight I roughly was last September. I have so many wonderful things going on in my life and my weight is the one thing that continues to be a drag on my life so things have got to change.

So tomorrow is the big day. I am excited but scared. Don’t feel as focused as last time but hoping by using this it will help me to keep on track and able to access some support and information from people who are going through the same things.

Fingers crossed tomorrow is the start of something new.
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As Uk lady put it when did the light go on:

Mine has been like a lot of others I have read a series of short flashes of light, that today came to a head.
Last year (September 2010) I lost about 2 and a half stone on Lipo Trim. It ended when I not only just fell off the wagon I kinda dived off it head first. I knew when on TFR I had to make changes in my life and went so far as buying some books to look at how I would eat one I came of the TFR, mastered the re feed etc. I did so well on the TFR and I could kick myself. One of my happiest moments was when my little girl (only 3 yrs at the time) said “mummy you’re not fat anymore”. Sad but true. Anyhow, usual stuff, I got distracted, forgot the big plan and while immersed in stress with work and home life I went back to my trusty way of coping. . . . . eating crap to make myself feel better.

The end result is that now nearly a year later I am back to the same weight. My relationship is suffering because rather than allowing my stunning and amazing partner to see me naked I have become cold to bed to try and avoid the ….. well you know. When he hugs me I slyly move away as I don’t want him to feel the lumps and bumps I am trying to ignore. He therefore is feeling insecure and wondering what he has done. So now my weight has two people feeling insecure and unhappy.

The light finally turned on and blinded me this morning when my loving, amazing partner set off to work looking once again confused about what was wrong with me, and what he had done. I then try to get dressed and rifle through my clothes throwing the “not a chance to fit in clothes” to the side and pulling out a reliable pair of what used to be comfy baggy jeans. As I pulled them up with my entire mite, sucked in to fasten the button I realised enough was enough.

Tomorrow is my first day back on lipotrim, feeling a mixture of excitement, apprehension and fear. Quite an emotional day really ha ha.

I am currently searching this sight reading peoples amazing stories and hope that I can do as good as you guys have done.

Thank you for your inspiring posts guys x

P.S - promise never meant this to be long, I just started typing and it all kinda just flooded out phew.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
You are so open and honest. Well done on making a start to address your regain. This time, plan how you will maintain after TFR. You've seen that losing the weight is the easier part of this battle. Keeping it off is the big challenge. We can do it, we just need to stay focussed.
Stay busy for your first week and keep up the water. Good luck, you will do it!!
Thanks Molly. On day 3 today. Not been as bad as I thought but know it's just start. Even went all out tonight and had chicken soup ha ha

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First weekend on this just about over. Friday night was hell as that is my worst eat and drink rubbish night to celebrate the weekend. Then my brother and sister in law up Saturday night for drinks and snack. But I did it folks they were on the booze and me on soda water. On a positive note when they all woke up hung over I was as fresh as a daisy. Also was able to recall to them in detail stupid stuff they did ha ha. Well gotta have my fun some way. Surprised how well I manage cooking. Cooked for family most nights but just avoided doing my favourite foods. Well apart from two batches of fresh bread which I watched my beloved eat straight out oven covered in butter.

Know I should not but also weighing myself daily which keeps me going I think.

Thinking I need to do this for around 12 wks and started looking now at diet plans to follow after. Everyone is raving about this dukan diet???? Any thoughts people??? What are other people looking at. Know is a while off yet but thought I would try and use this time to educate myself. Suggestions are greatly welcomed x

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Well done stick at it. This is my 2nd time round as well and the things you talk about I can relate with so much. My weight is the only thing I am truly unhappy with otherwise life is treating me well. I'm just about to go for my 2nd weigh. Good Luck with the rest of your week
Hi, How is it going?
Hi guys on day 11 today. It's up and down good through day but hard on a night when little one is in bed. Last night I was so close to slipping but looked at my progress so far and knew that slip would put me back 3 days. What about u guys? I am dreading the weekend as last one was really hard?? Any tips??? This site has been amazing in my times of need xx

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Deezer i am looking at that one too. This is my second time round and that is how I slipped up last time by going back to old habit. Deezer what stage u at xx

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Carolc how did second weigh in go Hun. How you finding it second time around? I feel like this time is harder? I have been using keto sticks to cheer me on. When I see them turn purple it reminds me of the three hard days it took to get there? What helps u keep going?? Xxx

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I'm on day 15..... 100% Weekend is definately my danger time!!! I thought i would miss having a drink but i don't really.... I come on here when i feel tempted.... kills an hour or so till the teptation passes!!! Lol... Its a great feeling when you don't give in!! Keep strong!!!

Good luck for the day!!!


irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Guys you are doing great. Weekends can be a bit tougher as our brains have been trained to consider food and drink as key to relaxation and having a good time.
So when the Friday night takeaway arrives for the family, you hop off to a nice relaxing bath. Maybe get a nice new bubble bath just for you!
When out shopping, while everyone else sits down for the tea and buns, you nip to boots and maybe buy a new nail varnish. It won't cost any more than what you would have spent in the coffee shop.
There's lots of other things to do. But the point is that you retrain your brain to equate things other than food and drink as your reward for a busy week, day etc.

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