Hoping to slim fast to 13 stone.

Discussion in 'SlimFast Weight Loss Diary' started by neil270289, 25 March 2014 Social URL.

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    So I currently weighing 18.5 stone, not my heaviest though, I used to be 21 stone. I did manage to get my weight down to 16 stone but I was put on medication for my mental health which made me gain weight back to where I am now. (Who knew theirs tablets that cause your metabolism to slow and store fat)

    Any way, I'm now trying a low calorie diet of around 1400 a day. I also walk 5 miles on machine 5 days a week. With this I'm having 2 slim fast shakes a day, breakfast and lunch. Any advice on does and don'ts would be fantastic. I'm so new to all this. And don't know what to do for the best.
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    How's it going Neil? I just started yesterday so i'm no expert yet! Well done on the walking, it sounds like you're doing great to me :)

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