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Horizon: Why Are Thin People Not Fat?


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Hi All,

This is a very interesting documentary. i found it slightly depressing TBH. I didn't post it in the main forum cos it might be innapropriate for some.

Gentle Warning: contains a lot of tempting food...

Link is here:
BBC iPlayer - Horizon: Why Are Thin People Not Fat?

When you've watched it, please let me know what you thought, then I will post my thoughts also...
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It was interesting wasn't it.

There's a few threads about it, but here I try to explain a little about why some things that they showed happen. Probably post 23 gives the most explanation.

Extra reading material if you are interested :)


LighterLife Returner
S: 17st7.0lb C: 17st7.0lb G: 12st7.0lb BMI: 37.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks KD, definately interested in that. I will read through the thread now...



LighterLife Returner
S: 17st7.0lb C: 17st7.0lb G: 12st7.0lb BMI: 37.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
My post on the other thread, on this subject:

Originally Posted by KD

You're welcome, though I know it was long. I find it fascinating.

BTW, was dipping into one of my favourite easy going books last night

BBC Truth About Food
(Highly recommended book BTW...full of great little nuggets)

See even this book had a mention about leptin, ghrelin etc in there. I'll quote a little from the chapter.

"Interestingly, the concentration of ghrelin in the bloodstream is higher after weight loss - a fact that may explain why it is so hard to keep the weight off once you have lost it. Knowing how leptin, ghrelin and other appetite messengers work means we are close to understanding how to lose weight painlessly and successfully."

Hi KD,

I have just ordered this book to learn more.

Thanks for the info contained in this thread. I am like you in that i want to know the ins and outs of everything. I tend to feel like I'm not able to make the best decisions if I'm not as informed as I think I should be...

My two pence on this subject and documentary:

It is slightly discouraging that we have to work harder at being at a healthy weight, but the way I try to look at it is that we each have strengths and weaknesses, and are blessed in different ways.

E.g. some of us find it easier to be patient with kids, others have to try hard...

Some of us are more clever and pick things up quickly, and others have to work a little harder to learn academic stuff. Some of us can fix things easily, some can't...

So, what I'm saying is, if I need to work a little (or a lot harder) to remain healthy and slim, then I will live with that, and I will count my other blessings, if you get what I mean...

I guess it might be a form of acceptance that I will have to devote more effort to staying slim then other people, so I ought to just get on with it...

In the MBA I am studying, academics will research companies that do well just as much, if not more than, companies that do badly. They try to identify aspects that lead to success, and aspects which hinder. Some beneficial aspects are naturally present (such as a nation's positive culture) and some don't come naturally and need to be worked hard at. So, companies around the world will work hard at improving themselves - but each in different ways, depending on what needs there attention... One company's natural weakness, is another company's natural strength - but neither will give up, they will carry on improving themselves and competing with each other to stay profitable (healthy!).

I see myself in the same way. Sorry for the boring and long business analogy - that is how I make sense of it :)

KD, can you recommend any other books on this subject? regarding how the body deals with nutrition, calories and hormones etc? I have a general nutrition book already, and am looking for something that is one step up, if you get what i mean...

This is a great thread BTW :)

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