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Horrible CDC


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Hi All
Has anyone else had problems with theIR CDC.

I was feeling really ill and so told her the diet was not for me and she went a bit crazy saying she felt like I had slammed a door in her face by not calling her and did not have will power etc etc... Anyway I have decided to stay on the plan but with another CDC!!
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yeah ive had a few probs with mine she tells fibs alot i have found out, although i do get on really well with her but i would not hesitate to leave her and go with another if she was horrible to me. I think they get pee'd off cause this is a business for them and people leaving means less money. Mine even told me i couldnt go to another CDC as cambridge would not allow it :8855:
good luck and well done on sticking with the plan xx


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Well that doesn't sound good, I would definitely look for another one in your area as you really need to be comfortable with your CDC. I have to say mine is great, she's almost as excited as I am about the weight I have lost and I have her mobile to contact her if I am having a bad day although I have not used it as yet... My mum has recently joined me on SS and clicked with her straight away, I would definitely say look for another one.

Good luck x


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Definatelt change your CDC if you are not happy ... as it should be his/her help and knowledge that gets you through the hard times.

Cambridge DOES NOT state you ca not change CDC's, so vote with your feet if he/she is not providing you with the service YOU require. If he/she is really rude then you can always report them to Cambridge HQ.

Yes it is a business ... but as most of us have been through the struggle of the diet ourselves, we aim to be sympathetic and help. However as with anywhere in life you can't get on with everyone ...

Best of luck with new CDC.
This is the second tme i have done the diet, my first was two years ago (had a baby since then) my CDC was ok but never really told me much, all she ever said was "drink more water". i got more info and support from a friend on the same diet than the CDC. So this time around i looked for a new one, mine is really supportive, on on day six and she had phoned or txt me every day to see how i am doing, i'm feeling really supported this time. You should definatly look around for a new one.... how can you be happy and succed when your own CDC has a go at you, they should support you.


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ive been wondering the same myself.....my CDC is really nice (well on the times ive met, she struggles to remember my name! her usually her husband deals with me) but they have never weighed me not once or taken any measurements etc i do it all myself they simpley sell me the stuff!! i have pushed recently for things i want to try (mix-a-moouse, after being told that they couldnt get it and ciniman porriage) but have been told they will see! so i guess ill wait and see!!!! but do kinda feel abit put out that i miss out on the supportiveness!!


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i have changed my cdc 7 times till i found one now who is very very sweet.... so i wouldnt hesitate to change..


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What a witch!!!

I'd find another CD if I were you. Mine is lovely and never makes me feel bad if I've not been in touch for a while. She also fits me in last minute when I simply have to restart right now if not sooner!!! Nothing is ever too much trouble for her



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That's really sad and also bad management when you consider that it's a business. Mine is okay, quite supportive i think but my best friend has been more of a help as she's lost five stone on this.

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Oh my Annette is lovely!:D we have a good old gossip and chat about how I have done, she is like a little cheerleader! she is always giving me freebies of flavours for me to try, I have her mobile number if I have any problems....as she is realistic...she accepts I am no angel but she supports me all the way!

I would recommend anyone that hasn't clicked to check out another CDC, you can always phone them and have a chat. I know when I wanted to start I contacted my local CDC and she was really slow in getting back to me and I thought..hmm not going to get on with you as I need to start NOW, so I phoned Annette...I was at her house an hour later:D


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That's great news x