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hospitalized through constipation and blockage

I recently posted on the lipotrim forum i titled it "my poor sore bottom," thanks to everyone for all the helpfull hint and tips,
but i was unsuccessful in dealing with my problem and ended up in hospital, it was terrifing, i had doctors wanting to take me down to surgery and manually extract my blockage the risks were greater than i was willing to chance, so after 16 sachets of the worst tasting powder laxative and lots of lactulose its finally passed. I still think Lipotrim is the best weight loss program i have ever tried, and as soon as i've seen my doctor this week i'm straight back on it, if anyone has had an extreme problem with constipation piles and blockages let me no as i want to avoid ending up like that again how else can a girl lose nearly 25lb in three weeks

good luck everyone new and old on lipotrim and look for my other post if your suffering some great helpfull ideas there
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You poor thing, I hope you are feeling much better now?
I too have had lots of problems due to constipation whilst on lipotrim & have tried everything. On my second weekend on lipotrim I ended up going to my local A&E dept as I was in agony and very worried as I couldn't 'go'. I was given lactulose, but it didn't work, and then after a second visit I was given enemas, which worked From that day I have been petrified that it would happen again, and it did, just not as bad. I spoke to my pharmasist about it, and she recommended fibreclear (which I was already using) along with natural Fybogel. I now take 2 tsps of fibreclear & 1-2 sachets of fybogel each day as well as sipping water every 15mins which makes sure the water doesn't pass straight through.

Hope this helps

Clair x
Omg Tanita that sounds so frightening! So sorry to hear that. I hope you feel much better, and get the go ahead from your Doc to continue your LT journey as you're doing so brilliantly.

I have so much trouble going to the toilet. I've actually sat on the loo and cried my eyes out! I use psyllium husks every day. I also take 2 senna and 2 Dulcoease every Saturday night, in order to have a good clear out! I go a tiny bit every 3rd day but still feel full of it at the weekend. The Senna and the Dulcoease help, but Senna makes me sick. Can't bloody win eh. TMI AHEAD - I have the poo there but can't get it out! The reason I use Dulcoease (it's a stool softener) Thank God for Dulcoease, as it works!

Hope to see you back on the forum and back on your LT journey after you see your Doc!
Oh poor you, how awful and I bet scary too!

Hope you feel better now and pleased you're still determined to carry on.

Experienced my first problems this week, been using the Fibreclear and Dulcoease, which seems to have helped.

Good luck when you see the Dr's.
oh hun dat must have been so scary. I too suffer really badly and have had the same experience as Betsy with Psyllium husks i go but i never really get relieve. I was told not to use ducolax again but i really have too so took it again on friday nite with buckets of water and i still dont feel good ive taken another one tonight and just hope i can get some relieve. I tink this is inflicting on my weight loss as well coz everything is still in dere haha! Tink i mite try 2 ducolax next weekend together but i wont do it during the week coz people in work mite get frightened if i have another reaction to ducolax again haha!

I just hope we all find something that works so we can feel comfortable again. xxx Feel Better
bum getting better

Thanks to everyone for being so open with your replys, i'm gonna start again tomorrow and i'm gonna take 1 senna and 1 dulcoease tonite in preperation and i,ll stock up on anusol tomorrow ha ha, i'm still optimistic that i can do it, and as i've already lost 10% of my body weight i'd be daft to quit now
OMG, YOUR ALL SCARING ME NOW. I cant believe you ended up in hospital you poor thing, what should I be taking and how often cos I'v not been told any of this xxx
soz 2 hear you ended up in hospital hun, it`s not nice,i too suffered with toilet trouble, and im into my 4th weekof refeed and im still suffering wont go into too much detail but piles are in the equation... but i think the diets well worth the suffering lol... hope your feeling better xx
That sounds awful, I really admire your determination though...fingers crossed the worst is over now.

I haven't "gone" in three days now and that was only because I took dulcolax...I've been to the chemist and got some fibreclear.
I don't want to keep taking the dulcolax as its a bit harsh on the tummy. Hoping the fibreclear will sort things out.
well done fatisnofun on not smoking for three days i stoped 3 months ago its makes a big difference for when you start exercising x x

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