my poor sore bottom wk 2

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most common side effect

  1. constipation

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  2. badbreath

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  3. other

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  1. tanitathomas

    tanitathomas Full Member

    oh my god no one warned me about the pain i would experience when going the toilet everything was going great i was drinking plenty not cheating and taking regular exercise no reason why i should of got constipated, i went back to my chemist i simply got told "drink more water", i went to another chemist and got lactulose, never again it made things worse my problem was more a blockage that i couldn't pass, arrrr the pain i strained so hard i had swellings or piles i think they could be, days later after lots of research of what to do if lactulose doesnt work, i finally found a surgestion for glyserol suppositries, oh the relief when i finally went, i have had to use them again they work by softening the stool and untill i finish my life on lipotrim ill be using them every time my poor sore bottom is still sore, but im confident itll get better,
    I got weighed today its my 2nd weigh in and i lost 7lbs hurray !!!! oh and i still have bad breath lucky i'm single wouldnt wish it on any partner
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  3. tafflass

    tafflass Silver Member

    congrats on your loss so far hun x

    sorry you're having a crappy time with the loo.i only had one prob on week 2 and took dulcolax,which worked a treat but wasn't pleasant.

    hope things improve for ya x
  4. jenny_belte

    jenny_belte Silver Member

    oh dear, thats not good hun. only time ive been constipated on LT is when i didnt drink enough water, soon as i have a couple of Ls it sorts it out. hopefully u wont suffer too much more.
    well done on ur loss

    x x
  5. IrishMum

    IrishMum A little of everything!

    :p Smartarse!!

    I don't have constipation any more as such- my 'problem' is donkey-poo syndrome!! LOL! It pellets! (sorry if tmi!!;))
  6. soon2Byummymummy!

    soon2Byummymummy! Silver Member

    I get very bad constipation from time to time on LT and i use dulcolax as tafflass said. You can buy it at any supermarket and it works within 6-12 hours of taking it again not pleasant but the first time i got bunged up i was literally in tears trying to go but now i use this its not a problem hope this helps!!:)
  7. Jeep

    Jeep Otherwise known as Jools

    I seem to 'go' once a week helped with only one tablet of Dulcolax - 2 tablets and it feels like I am dying. If I dont use anything then I have the same problem as Irishmum - Donkey pellets, though I call it Rabbit Droppings lol :D
  8. tanitathomas

    tanitathomas Full Member

    well its great to know its not just me even though i wouldn't wish this on anyone thanks for the advice and i think i'll be trying some of yr idea's

    BUTTERBEAN94 Is a loser! ;-)

    I never got told to take fibregel (fibreclear) By my chemist....and Didnt got for 6 days last week...I was in sooo much pain so i spoke to her and (my new chemist) Was going mad that i had never been told i had to take something. Anyway...4 senna and 2 days later and im happy again! haha
  10. lisa66

    lisa66 Full Member

    poor you hun ,have i got that to look forward to !!!!! well done on your loss hun . best wishes for the next week
  11. tasha2000

    tasha2000 Full Member

    The fibre clear worked for me last time, i am only on day two restart so i have the joys of that too come!!
    The worst side effect of lipotrim for me last time was the hair loss, which started after i camem off lipotrim.. for about two months there was hair everywhere (I have very long thick hair)
    i think i probably lost about a third to a half of the thickness in my hair and was very worried it wouldnt stop but it did... I just found it a bit distressing seeing all the hair on the brush, in the shower, on my pillow.. It did stop tho and my hair is back to normal... I amnt worried about the bad breath but dp is lol xxx
  12. Nenya

    Nenya Full Member

    Yes I think the fibreclear is best as it bulks you out a bit. Make sure you take it a few days before weigh in to get the best weight loss!
  13. anne-mariep

    anne-mariep Silver Member

    Ok i had tried everything and after quite a bad reaction to ducolax was told i cud never again i mean NEVER not even wen im back eating take anything like it again and then i read on this forum to try psyllium husks (thank you) and my god they are magnificent. I swear by them i take 6 a day 2 an hour before each shake.

    I was in serious pain which constipation so i totally know how you feel. my back was SO sore oh the memories. I was perfectly fine the first 3 weeks it was after then that i just cudnt go. Oh an the breath ting i still have it water reduces the taste in my mouth hears hoping it reduces the smell a bit lol. oh an i drink well enough water and the constipation didnt improve so i wud definitely try some stuff out there is a lot on offer. Just be warned it can be quite violent. an if your taking ducolax for the first time only take ONE!

    Good luck with week 2 you are doin extremely well. 7lbs on week 2 i cud only wish for that in 2 weeks.
  14. dunlop73

    dunlop73 Silver Member

    I have 1 teaspoon of Fibreclear a day and it does the job for me (daily motions now!). Like many others in week 2 I had quite painful constipation and tried Dulcolax. It works but is horrible; I find Fibreclear much more gentle.
    Good luck

    CHARLEYSANGEL Silver Member

    So sorry to hear you have had trouble going to the loo. I too had the same problem, but was given enemas on my second week after being prescribed lactulose (which should'nt be taken whilst on LT)
    I now take fibreclear and a sachet or 2 of fybogel (natural) each day. Now and then I have to take a suppositry which works really well. I also drink 4 litres a day which I think helps a great deal and after speaking to the LT helpline, I make sure I take a sip every 15 mins.

    Well done on your losses!
    Hope you feel better soon

    Clair x
  16. SuzySparkle

    SuzySparkle Full Member

    I remember reading a thread a while ago and someone suggested if you raise your feet on a child's step/stool while your sat on the loo it helps. I do this when I go and it does seem to make it easier! x
  17. tanitathomas

    tanitathomas Full Member

    ive started taking fibreclear waiting to see if its helped

    CHARLEYSANGEL Silver Member

    Yes, that does help a lot (I forgot to mention that)
    I have had a few colonic irrigations, and they reccommend to use one too.
  19. Cookeh

    Cookeh Recovering Cookie Addict

    Hi there, just thought I'd add my tuppence worth.

    I've not been on LT long enough to comment on any constipation induced by the plan but I've been on medication long term which causes constipation so have basically lived with it for 10+ years now. Right up until about 2 years ago I'd go through a week of not going to the loo then the agony of trying to pass something, I'd be bent double in agony. I too was initially prescribed lactulose at the time and OMG it compounded the issue and made the poo larger, and so even harder to pass!! *cringes at the memory of that time* Finally, it was when I was having chemo actually, they put me on ducosate, and the difference was like a light switch. Its a combination stool softner as well as speeding up the passing (which is how dulcolax works iirc). I took one morning and night when it was very bad and nowadays only have to take a single tablet when I notice I've not been for a couple of days so that it doesn't get to the stage where it's agonising.

    I'd say if it persists get something from the doctor thats gentle and works for you.

    Good luck!!
  20. tanitathomas

    tanitathomas Full Member

    much better now

    im so much better now, last thursday i was taken into hospital, my constipation had turned into a blockage which i eventually sorted out, i'm straight back on the lipotrim and hope when i get weighed i havent done any damage to my weight loss, i'm getting weighed tomorrow each day ive been taking 1 senokat and 1 dulcoease and 1 teaspoon of fibreclear in my water and everything is great, after i get weighed im going to cut down the senokat dulcoease to every other day,

    Its a bit of a crappy thread but i hope this helps advise people on how to deal with the side effects of lipotrim so they don't give up

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