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This is not for the faint hearted, please do not read if the talk of no.2's offends!

It's embarrassing to have to talk about this, but I'm at a point where I really must find a solution to this ongoing problem.

I am ss'ing and drinking at least 3l of water a day. I use the Cambridge fibre powder, which I must say does help slightly. Without it, I am bunged up and fairly unwell. I have tried the psyllium husks with a slight improvement, similarly to the fibre powder.

My Cambridge consultant is fully aware of my toileting troubles and advised me to use lactulose to have a good clear out. I did this and yes, I was able to clear out. That said, without the fibre I must clear out once every 5 - 7 days. Not something I want to have to continue with doing as it is not very pleasant.

The problem I have mainly is re-occurring piles. Whether I am using the fibre, or the lactulose solution I have a spell of piles at least every 3 - 4 weeks. It is starting to get me down, so fed up of it!

Does anyone else have this problem? Is it a side effect of a VLCD? Is there anything I can do to stop it.

I feel as though I have tried everything that I have been advised. I had a week of doubling my water intake. It gave me terrible stomach pains and aside from making me feel pretty yuck, it didn't help with m issue.

Any advice would be most appreciated. Sorry for the nature of the post, but literally clutching at straws to help resolve my toilet woes!

Thanks :)
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I haven't started my Cambridge journey yet but I did use weight loss teabags before on my normal diet and they made me need to go within an hour of drinking it. It doesn't taste awful but not exactly nice. I got them on Amazon but you can probably get something similar in H&B or Boots. They're called Fit and Fast!


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I would probably suggest going to your doctor in case there is an underlying issue here.

Your consultant has given you advice which obviously helped in the short term but is not a long term solution and she will not be able to give you medical advice.

That said I'm not doing Cambridge so it could be a common problem. ... If I was you I'd be getting it checked out x
Are you eating the spag bowl as I have found this time round having one of these helps me to poo! I always struggled before.


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in Australia where I am, there is a diet very similar to Cambridge, where they advise 1tsp on olive (or similar) oil a day plus a cup of vegetables. This is to help with the prevention of gallstone development and with constipation.
However, I've read that with some things that cause constipation, a lot of fibre actually makes it worse. So, perhaps the advise to speak with a doctor is good. You could try massage and walking (if not currently doing much) also.

Good luck.
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Hello hunni. I did a stint of cambridge a couple of years ago and also suffered with piles. They have never really gone since then which is probably due to my weight. I have found that this time around I've not been anywhere near as constipated. In fact I'm going pretty regularly. I have a spag bol every night so I think there must be something in having them that makes me go better. Plus I drink an absolute ton of water too. xxx

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