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Hot Crusty HEXB homemade rolls and PIZZA ?? mmm! (with pizza pics!)


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So I went straight off to Tesco to get some of that bread mix that Vixxter found and had added to the hexb list. We made some rolls using half the mix, got 6 out of half at about 55-60g each. (The whole pack cost only 69p!)

...omg they were so nice!! We had them with the SW recipe (100 comfort foods) Speedy Bangers and Beans.

I have a pic to add, which I will do when my LO goes for his nap at 10:30!

By far the best hexb ever! Xx
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I bought a packet yesterday then hid it in the cupboard incase I can't stop eating them - how mad is that!!!!
Anyway, I'm going to leave it there for a few weeks as I'm close to target, which I hope to reach before Christmas with a bit of luck, then i'll be making the rolls for sure :)


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yes i wanna know same as Mrs Clooney please do tell x


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What are the ingredients on the packet if you don't mind me asking? Before slimming world I used to make all my own bread but have stopped now as I think that was one of my main problems, in that as soon as it was out of the oven I had a slice dripping in butter!! I've got loads of flour, yeast etc int he cupboard so wondering if I can knock up my own based on this packet as a once a week treat perhaps?
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Well the bag was 500g, we used 250g to make 6 rolls :) the packet has instructions for the ammount of water to add :)


Wholemeal Wheat Flour (92%)
Wheat Flour,
Chickpea Flour,
Vegetable Fat,
Ascorbic Acid.

So minus the last 4 should be pretty easy! :)

Forgot to add pic, will have to do it tonight now, gr! Xx
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Good work :D


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wow they look awesome! :D

I am deffo gonna take my own advice and get some more for later today :D :D :D


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^ Lou it's dead easy, you just add some water to this stuff to make the dough! No 'real' baking required! :D


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Wonderful, I must get some of this bread mix next time I am in Tesco - it's a good way of making sure that you have the exact size of bread roll (56g) for an HEXB - thank you. X


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Hey that's ok. If you make 12 out of the whole lot (6 = 1/2pack) then they average out about right for the HEXB once cooked :) we've just been out to stock up, incase they realise us SW'ers love it and whack the price up lmao.xx

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