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Hot or Cold?!


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Ok this may be the most stupid question ever but......does it make a difference if I drink my water hot or cold?!

I've got into drinking my water hot - with fruits of forest flavouring - as the airconditioning is going full blast at work and I'm freezing!

Figured it would be better than drinking loads of coffee to warm myself up!

So...does this count as my water allowance even though its hot?
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yes it will still count and i would imagine it makes absolutely no difference at all
daisy x


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Fantastic! Find it so much easier to drink now it's turned a bit nippy out - with my spill proof mug that holds half a litre I can up my water intake with next to no effort :D


...we're sinking deeper.
In the winter I don't think I had any cold beverages - and the losses were still the same. :)
Plus, you can't get too cold, the body has no energy to use for heating of the body. If the body needs around 1100-1200 per day just for keeping body functioning anyway, and on LL we're consuming 500-600 ... well, some processes are going to be eliminated: hair/nail growing, body heating, etc. - to keep the vitals functioning as needed.

So yes, drink hot drinks, it's helping your body out! :D And don't get worried about what I've said above - our bodies are designed to cope under famine conditions for a while. Obviously doing LL for over a year is unhealthy. But 6 months is fine, after which some vitamin deficiencies do actually begin to show and the calorie deficit becomes a bit more unbearable for SOME people (dizzy spells, cold to the bone, muscular weakness, some even do feint). Those are signs to stop the diet.

:D Our bodies are tough! But they do need a bit of a helping hand sometimes!
doesn't really make any difference although supposedly drinking cold water speeds up your metabolism as your body has to use energy to warm it up so it can be digested. Could just be an old wives tale though!


...we're sinking deeper.
3. Ice-cold water with lemon juice. The theory is that body will burn calories to warm up the water, while lemon juice is a natural fat burner. The fact is, it is not correct.
Cold Water Metabolism Myth | P450 Cytochrome

I view "metabolism" as a climate/weather debate. It's the bigger overarching mechanism. We are experiencing climate change, so the general over all trend is that our summers and winters are getting warmer. But it doesn't stop those few WEATHER fluctuations on a day-to-day basis of extreme cold weather (due to other factors!). So drinking icy water will boost that energy burn for a little while, but it doesn't affect the over all "metabolism" (in fact I think you'd only be distressing your body more by making it scramble for energy it simply doesn't have to warm you up). What does affect metabolism I believe is the sustained presence of muscular lean tissue. It burns more energy than fat cell tissue. ;)

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