hot water & lemon

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I will do this!!!
Its just water and lemon, i cant see how that would help.


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apparently the hot water kick starts you metabolism. works best if you drink throught the day and or eat ever 2-3 hrs

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It won't help you lose weight but it is a good way to kick start your body in the morning - cleansing for the liver and digestive system! I drink this throughout the day xx


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stupid stupid stupid question but how would u do this, obviously hot water and fresh lemon juice or do u slice a lemon and put it in the cup skin too xx

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Hot water and a slice of fresh lemon x


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SW is a healthy and excellent weight loss plan, everything else is just a fab or a myth!


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hot water and lemon is a great detoxifyer and a good start to the day. It will give your metabolism a boost so in that sense the answer could be yes. Swapping any of your regular cups of tea or coffee for herbal teas (particularly green, red or white tea) or hot lemon water will make you feel much better and surpress your appetite a little


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Don't know if it is a myth or not, but I have read that it is good to maintain a good complexion.


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It really helps with colds too! Lemon breaks down the mucus, its nice with honey in it too but this is syns :(! Im living on it atm *dying from a horrific cold* if it helps to lose weight too this is a bonus!!


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I've heard this too, and I am a strong believer that drinking tons and tons of water full stop will help with losses and also clear the skin, keep you regular in the toilet department, flush out toxins and keep you energised!X


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yep i can vouch for that, a big slice of lemon in hot water first thing in the morning DOES help - its not a miracle and you wont suddenly loose 10lbs but it does clear your skin and detox your system somewhat ..

i usually had 2 / 3 mugs in the morning before my breakfast then if i fancied tea/coffee/diet coke i would just have them. Give it a go for a week or so, you'll notice a difference!! :D


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I had a cup of this this morning for my first time, so will see if i notice any difference in myself with it. xx