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How anti-climactic....

So here I was getting all geared up to start my SS CD diet today! I've been researching for weeks making sure I have all of the things I need and just waiting on the product to get here last night but there's only one problem... Someone stole my products from my front door!

So now I get to go through the wonderful 3 week process of the shipper and seller figuring out who owes who, and shipping me a new set of products.

Well crap! Now what do I do? I was all psyched up to be in keto by Saturday but no such luck.

My question is while I'm waiting for stuff to get here, is there anything I can really do since I cant buy CD shakes locally? I've already started the water consumption and cut some calories and the caffeine but I wasn't sure what else I could do to 'bide my time'.

Your ideas are appreciated :)
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Why Be Normal?
Boy, that really bites! Hard to imagine that someone would be outside lurking about in the cold to steal stuff. Unreal. But...

Go and get Slim Fast products from your local grocery store and use those until you get your CD. They have a pretty program and work. www.slim-fast.com/ They have a diet plan and program explantion on-line.



Why Be Normal?
From reading the website they are recommending that you replace one to two of your meals a day with the Slimfast products and then have a meal. I would suggest that you do this and stick to a low carb low GI meal, and if you are low enough in carbs you should go into ketosis. But, read all the information on the site.

This actually is probably a nice educational experience for me. I took a look at the cambridge shake next to the low carb and high protein slimfast shakes. And aside from the fact that CD offers lower kcal, lower carbs and fat, they are relatively similar as to the vitamins and other electrolytes. However, I'm assuming that the CD shake offers some minerals that are not on the nutrition label is that correct?

I'm really glad you brought this up, I was really bummed last night when I realized I had gotten all worked up and couldn't start the diet today. You've renewed my excitement!!!


Why Be Normal?
Hey A,

I perfer the US CD because I can get the soy based product which seems to agree better with me. And, I also think the CD tastes better than the Slimfast (but SF has improved over the years). And, the lower carbs and cals are a plus with the CD.

I am not too sussed over the minerals: you can supplements. And, in reality when we were gaining weight and being big we probably had horrible nutrition. It is so weird how incredibly overweight people can be malnourished -- but that is how it works: you have to eat so many more calories (and crave them) if the food you eat isn't nourishing you. So, that is why once you are getting proper nutrition through the products and in ketosis you do not feel physical hunger. You can think you're hungry -- stress eating, triggers, etc. -- but you aren't physically hungry.


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