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  1. mellywade

    mellywade Full Member

    Hi all, had weigh in 7 tonight and have lost 3lbs, bringing my total weight loss to 2 stone 2 lbs. Had a major panic earlier though, as have felt horrible and bloated due to TOTM for the past couple of days. Weighed myself at home tonight, only to discover that my scales showed only a one pound loss. I felt really gutted, disappointed and fed up to be honest, thinking I`d had a bad week and asking myself, "what is the point of this?"

    When I got to see my pharmacist, however, his scales showed a 3lb weight loss. Interestingly, my mood brightened straightaway, and I realised what an idiot i`d been to weigh myself at home, on an obviously dodgy set of scales!!

    I have to admit that I am completely addicted to weighing myself at least once a day, as I feel it normally gives me a good incentive to carry on, plus it enables me to feel in control of what I`m doing. However,if today`s anything to go by, I might well be knocking this little `obsession' on the head!! ( or at least til I`m at target, anyway!!)

    Do hope you`re all doing well, look forward to reading your posts soon. xx :)
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  3. kellymarie3488

    kellymarie3488 Silver Member

    Well done u! I also weighed myself before my official WI and they said 1 pound! but too had lost 3lbs! wel must stop doing this lol! i have chucked out the scales now, think they are broke anyways lol.

  4. mellywade

    mellywade Full Member

    Well done you! Brill weight loss. I agree, my scales can do my head in at times, too. I just get so excited to discover how much i`m losing, I think when I get to target it could be a bit of an anti climax!! No more losing weight! What will I do then??! Good luck for the week ahead, this diet is wonderful! xx :)
  5. JD89

    JD89 Full Member

    Well done!! :D

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