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How are you dealing/viewing with the plan?

I have tried CD twice before without much success. This time round I have had a slow start, only 4lbs off which was very disappointing, but with the support from friends and peeps on her I have not let it get me down. I am just hoping that next week sees a better loss. I seem to be approaching it as "it's a means to an end" if that makes sense? I have not had any symptoms such as headaches etc. Previously I felt quite ill on days 5 and 6 but nothing this time! Very strange.
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I'm trying to focus on the journey rather than the "end"....using phrases like "getting fitter", "feeling better", "feeling slimmer" rather than "waiting to lose 7 stone" as I really want to live as my time on the plan progresses rather than thinking it's all going to start "when I am slim". I feel this means feeling those ways will become a lifelong practice rather than something I just do for the duration of the plan. Does that make sense?
Yer I think it does. I know what we are doing is difficult but I also know maintaining is a darn sight harder and i think that scares me lol I just can't put the weight back on again. I just feel so different this time than last time - hope it lasts x
I'm seeing it as a total life change so that food doesn't rule me anymore x
I see it as a positive step to gaining control of my eating and also my life . It is hard not to see it as a means to an end and I think most of us focus on goal and what life will be life when we are there ... but Gg is right , we need to try and feel better about ourselves during the journey and like you say , the hard work is going to come when we need to start eating again and maintain the loss .


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I'm having a restart too. This time I am thinking of it as healthy eating and detox for my body. I am not thinking that I am depriving myself of food. I am just looking at it as a way of life in the foreseeable future and when I get the urge to eat or feel too cold, I shall go and have a hot shower.
I know that I have issues to deal with when i get to goal. Food has always been a reward for me, I comfort eat too. So... I know I will have to deal with that but I hope that rewarding myself on the CD journey by planning nice holidays, or going to the theatre will help me to learn that food does not equal reward. Food does not equal love. food is just food and is a remedy for hunger.
A lovely lady on here told me
"if hunger isn't the problem, food isn't the answer"

That sentence has kept be going so many times when I have wanted to turn to food.

Also remember that weight loss is not the only thing you should be measuring - sometimes you lose a lot in volume but not in weight. The inches vanish but the weight doesn't change.

Good luck with your CD journey - enjoy it and don't be too impatient to get to the end, just make it part of life.

jeez..lol sounds like I am giving a sermon!

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