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How are you preparing for long term maintenance


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I'm planning to have a meeting with a nutritionist, they are only about £30 or free if you caqn swing it with your doctor.
I am planning on following a low gi diet too. Haven't got a clue about anything though so need to get a book me thinks! haha! Start 810 tomorrow as my bmi is now 25 and I have finished 12 weeks eek. Still want to lost another stone and a bit though!
:party0011:Great question and certainly something on my mind at the moment! I feel quite happy with knowing what sorts of foods to eat, my problem is really about overeating! I'm planning on following a regime suggested by Gillian Riley in her book. Nothing is forbidden but i'm going to use little techniques to make sure that I am not overeating eg. serving up plate of food and just eating what is on it - no extras, and making sure I leave a gap of at least 2 hrs between eating so that I am sure that I am hungry. Little things to help to to learn when I am genuinely hungry or when I am 'emotionally' hungry. I really just want to keep this perspective on why I have overeaten in the past and choose to take a different path. I think that it's all about knowing that I have a choice in what path I take, and choosing willingly to not not overeat as I know that it just leaves me miserable.

I think that low sugar and low refined carbs (low GI) seems to me the most sensible way to keep the cravings in check.



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I think it's going to have to be a low carb diet for me in future. Carbs (and portion sizes in general) are my enemy. Which is a shame because I LOVE bread, potatoes, rice, pasta..... hmmm... this might explain a lot!

Carbs will have to be a treat.


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low GI for me, stay away from refined sugar etc. luckily i love healthy foods, so it won't be a problem. also calorie counting until it becomes a second nature.


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For me, it will be calorie counting as I think it will give me complete control over my diet. I also plan to join a gym and walk more x


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Low GI and keep up the exercise for me I think. Exercise is the key for me as it's made such a difference to my body shape and it is NOT going back to the way it used to be!
I love my carbs so low GI might not work so well, planning on returning to SW

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When I've got through all the steps and learn about maintaining, I plan on taking it slowly. I def don't want to diet ever again. I'm with Coley on that one and never want to cut out certain food types. I see CD weightloss as a quick step to getting to the shape I want to be and then I want to make the most of learning to maintain my new weight/shape. I'm in no hurry to start eating everything around me :) and so once I reach my goal I'll take it day by day, then week by week and so on.

Jason Vale, The Juice Master's Slim 4 Life is an excellent book to read after CD. Def not to be read during but I love the way he thinks about food and share a lot of his opinions since reading it last year. xxx


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i'm planning on watching the old carbs....but i dont want to follow a "diet" ever again in my life....CD is teaching me about balance, portion size and SELF-CONTROL....as in me controlling the food and not the other way round!
I'm also going to be hitting the gym as soon as i get onto the 810/1000 plans 3/4 times a week!

I have learned already that if i want a cake, i will have a cake...BUT...that it has concequences...so i either hit the gym or eat well for the rest of the week to compensate

I'm excited about getting up the maintenance plans...! :D



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Low GI and as low carbs as I can muster is the way I'm going. Have bought a mass of different recipe books to keep me going and stop me getting bored. My postman hates my Amazon habit.

Because I like the 'predictability' of CD, I have every intention of defining an eating plan for my meals that I can use to guide me - previously I was way too 'do what I feel' and that's where carbs crept in and Haribo became a major issue. But I would also like to be/feel 'normal' and not deprive myself too strictly - I think it will mean learning to compensate for having a treat, rather than going 'oh what the hell...' and just having more.


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I'm loving the Neris and India Idiot-proof diet at the moment; it makes more sense to me than low-GI (and seems less restrictive). I know its called 'diet' in the title but its a long term lifestyle plan too. Lowcarbing seems to be the way to go for me - I am horribly carb sensitive.

What I already know I dont' want to do is be a lifetime member of WW. All that does is make me feel like a failure, and plus its 'dieting' which I am NOT going to do in future!
i plan to have a little bit of things i want long term in moderation but gym 3-4 times a week and not stuffing it all in at once

small moutfuls and dont be scared to throw food away dont have to finish my plate if full


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My downfall was portion sizes and also meal sized snacks inbetween meals (if you know what I mean) - so for me it is all about quantity. I also don't want to be too restrictive but I think a low GI and moderate carb diet could be the way forward. I too don't want to be a lifetime member of WW.

I need to take responsibility for what I eat and also as mentioned understand that there are consequences for overeating.

Plus I hope that I will truly cherish being lighter than I have been in decades when I get to goal and I hope that I can live the mantra - nothing tastes as good as being slim feels!
im just going to make healthy choices, weigh myself once a week and give myself 5lb up or down and either lose a few or gain a few lbs x x

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