How long are you all following Slim Fast for?

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  1. Scrummybean

    Scrummybean Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to posting on Mini Mins although have looked at various boards over the years.

    I've done Slim Fast a few times, both a few years ago when I was bigger and a couple of times in the past couple of years, so I'm familiar with the plan and how it works.

    The question I have is - how long can you sustain following the plan? I ask because I have no problems for normally 5-6 days, and then I start to feel exhausted and wobbly, and have to take a "day off". When I was bigger this was about 10 days ish, but I've only 10lb to lose at the moment and I've done 5 full days then felt so exhausted this morning I had to eat to feel like I could function.

    I enjoy the diet, it fits in well with my lifestyle and I get good results, and I'm doing it properly - shake for breakfast, snack, meal bar for lunch, snack, 600 cal meal and normally another snack. I'm doing 30 mins of moderate exercise a day burning only about 200 cal, and spend my day sat at a desk so I'm not burning masses of calories.

    So, bit of a long post just to ask that pretty simple question, but would welcome your thoughts!

    Hannah :)
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  3. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    I'm honestly not sure how long I'll last :)

    Today is the first day and I'm hoping to stretch the tins out to 14 meals rather than the 12 (purely because the first one I had this morning (Strawberry) although lovely it was veryvery sweet. Just had my dinner one almost half an hour ago and only put one and a half in instead of 2 so found that was a bit better :)

    I bought 8 tins from Amazon (one each flavour and doubled up on a couple that I thought i'd like the most) so that's 8 weeks if all goes to plan. Also bought 12 ready mix shakes from superdrug (as well as assorted snacks) with their 3 for 2 and half price offer so that's another 3 days.

    I guess I'll start to consider my options 6 weeks in and see if it's really working for me :) I'll take a xenical tab with my evening meal and hopefully together they'll work perfectly!

    Welcome to the board - I'm a n00b too :) I've got a lot of weight to lose but find I struggle gaining an appetite and actually eating three meals, I usually don't eat much until my evening meal and then end up hungry 10pmish again. Hopefully this will stop it. Good luck to you :)
  4. Vorlina

    Vorlina Full Member

    I am planning to do it during the week primarily and then try to eat healthily at weekends.

    One of my major downfalls is that my husband enjoys cooking and therefore prepares most meals. However, he loves carbs and hates vegetables, and although he has said he will happily prepare me whatever, it is really tough having those lovely rices and potatoes staring at me while I eat my veg bag. Not least because, since he doesn't eat them, he isn't clear on how to cook them properly and so adds no salt or flavouring - they are just steam microwaved!

    So, I have 18 cafe latte bottles to have for breakfast, then I have a vegetastic lunch (with cottage cheese/tuna) or something from our local sushi place which counts calories - then when I come home I have a choc or strawberry shake and the choc snack. Somehow I feel better specifically not having the proper food in the evening - and I have never been a fan of the "full dinner" approach, I'm just not that hungry in the evenings!

    Plan is to do this all through April and evaluate with the GP at that point.
  5. PrincessSparklePants

    PrincessSparklePants Little Miss Christmas

    Oh love, I'm with you too! I'm mums carer and have to cook/prepare her meals. It's killing me ;) I do batch cook though so they're not full of preservatives and crap x Good luck to both xx
  6. mellymoo1986

    mellymoo1986 Member

    It's a lot easier to sustain when you have at least one off day. I see my partner at weekends and will join in on some of the eating but have smaller portions than I used to. Am going this time to maintain plan over 6 weeks in time to lose enough to look good for my 28th birthday and the dress I spent silly money on buying and currently does not fit!
  7. thelandlady

    thelandlady Full Member

    It's hard.

    Hiya, I only started on S F on Thursday after gaining 10lb of the weight I had lost following Tesco diet. I have only bought 3 tins of the powder and 3 bottles of ready made. I have only tried the ready mix banana one and I didn't think it was as good as the powder. I have enough SF to last 3 weeks so I will have to see what happens. Lol
  8. Carley86xx

    Carley86xx Full Member

    I'm starting tomorrow and hoping to do the diet until my friends wedding the end of June. If i'm doing well i'm hoping to carry on though as i'm going to Florida in October for 3 weeks and i really want to look and feel better in myself.
  9. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Full Member

    Im thinking of starting i have 6 weeks until i go for a holiday and would like to have lost 1 stone x

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  10. tink2011

    tink2011 Silver Member

    Hey i did it for 5 months then calorie counting after that to loose three stone . If i was having a cheat day i replace on shake with 230 cal dinner which i did most for last couple months
  11. Kiren

    Kiren Member

    Hi, I just started slim fast yesterday. I've never done this before. I weigh 10'1" and really want to lose just over a stone. How long do you think it will take? X
  12. Bridgee

    Bridgee Full Member

    I started 2 days ago I've done it before for short bursts of 3 months but I want to do it longer this time around. That was before I had kids so don't know if I will loose it so fast this time around! I hope I do. I'm not sure how long you can do it for I should imagine as long as you don't feel ill i think the shakes are a light balanced meal. I agree it's hard I have to cook for my kids and then my husband. I also have a 11 month old baby to make all food for and grandparents that insist on giving them chocolate!! Ooof lol!!
  13. JazmineM

    JazmineM New Member

    Hey guyz

    I will start SF tomorrow!!! I am 5ft8 and 90kg..... Never done any firm of dieting before but need to lose at least 15kg and joined da gym too so will try go 3-4x a week do mainly treadmill/ cardio wrkout- does anyone know if i stick to da diet n go gym roughly how long it will take to lose weight?

    Wishing everyone da best on their journey?
    Any tips would be great on what i should snack on-

  14. Camplestar

    Camplestar Silver Member

    Hey guys I started on Saturday. Lost 7lb already. Started at 19st 9.8 then down to 19st 3 before starting. I know it will slow down but I intend on staying on it for a while.
  15. CURVYlicious

    CURVYlicious Full Member

    Good Luck! X
    Im starting Tesco Ultra Slim tomorrow. 4 week challenge to lose atleast 10 lbs!! In time for a holiday xx

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  16. Camplestar

    Camplestar Silver Member

    We can do it x

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