How are you starting CD ?


I have posted this message on here and on the "returners" board to hopefully get a more variety of answers:

For everyone starting CD in the new year, how are you starting ? Are you just going to start straight on your desired CD plan or are you going to do low carbs leading up to CD or have you another method ?
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I'm going to cut out all fizzy juice and swap to water, so I get less of a withdrawl when I start CD.

I don't eat alot of carbs anyway, so I'm going to swap to low fat soups and fruit/veg.

Tempted to do a detox before I start too. Clear all the junk out of my system.

The hope is, putting this all together I wont feel so yukky with the big change to my diet.


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I'm Restarting on The 2nd and Will be going straight into sole source...cutting things down never helped when i eased myself into cambridge last time so cold turkey for me :) sick of food anyway after xmas and new year so looking forward to my shakes lol .


Lovin it !!! :)
I started yesterday on day 1 - cold turkey for me - didnt cut out a thing & finished choc, wine & leftovers on Sunday !!! Only thing for me is that I have always drunk loads of water so maybe this helps ?

Have a very mild headache today but other than that I feel fine - in fact I have that "rats bum" taste already in my mouth so feel ketosis may be on the way already.


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Most times, I find going cold turkey (LOL, how appropriate ;)) the best way for me. If I eat anything at all in those first few days, something in my brain tells me I'm cheating, and before I know it, I'm eating the entire contents of the fridge.

So although in theory, cutting down on carbs ought to work, it doesn't for me. Unfortunately. :sigh:

Still... I think I'm actually going to get through Day 1 at last. Yay me!! (it's only taken 3 days... :rolleyes:)


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While I'm not restarting I did start CD in early December and actually used generic meal replacement shakes for 2 meals a day for the 5 days prior to starting the diet. I also quit drinking soda and caffeine the week before as well. I cant say if it helped a ton but I did get into keto by the end of day 2 so it definitely didn’t hurt!

Best of luck to all of you!!!


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Its cold turkey for me! Starter, or should i say re-started yesterday and to my amazement i feel fine, its normally around day 4 where i start to crumble, once im past this things tend to get alot easier. I figured if id have waited till after the new year i would have had even more to lose and felt worse about myself so il be toasting the new year with a glass of sparkling water!!!!



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i went into it cold turkey because i know i would of ate more than i should if i eased myself into it :)


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Its the only way for me to do it as i keep saying to myself, oh il start 2moro, then when "2moro" arrives i find myself saying oh another day wont hurt, and the cycle continues!



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Starting tomorrow and going cold turkey. I too can't cut down, just need to cut out. Am very nervous about tomorrow as never done Cambridge before. Lets hope I can do it, no, I know I can do it

Charlie xx


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I'm with Jules on this, tomorrow never comes for me... I can always find some excuse for just one more day before I restart :ashamed0005:

I need to narrow my food choices because otherwise I always think "one little cheat" won't matter, so it's cold turkey for me, even if it does mean the usual grotty headache etc etc :(

Best of luck to all the January restarters



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I am restarting on 1 January and will go cold turkey, as like many of the others have said, I need to remove the option of food completely. I did restart in August after having my second baby, but was following 810 and just found ways to cheat and it just didn't work for me. So I will be getting straight into SS and cannot wait!


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I'm jumping in head first, only way for me!


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Straight in there

I finished all the christmas chocs and ate all my fav foods. Today is day 1 and straight in to cd!
Probably going to pay for eatting crap for the last 2 weeks!


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i dont find drinking an issue, its the not eating im struggling with:8855:

Since deciding to diet, I've actually found it very hard to eat anything. I'm just not interested in any food. Just making myself eat for the fact I need to now. Just can't wait to start!