How are you starting CD ?

Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by paul1978, 29 December 2009 Social URL.

  1. paul1978

    paul1978 DO NOT QUIT !

    I have posted this message on here and on the "returners" board to hopefully get a more variety of answers:

    For everyone starting CD in the new year, how are you starting ? Are you just going to start straight on your desired CD plan or are you going to do low carbs leading up to CD or have you another method ?
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  3. NumNums

    NumNums Becca

    I'm going to cut out all fizzy juice and swap to water, so I get less of a withdrawl when I start CD.

    I don't eat alot of carbs anyway, so I'm going to swap to low fat soups and fruit/veg.

    Tempted to do a detox before I start too. Clear all the junk out of my system.

    The hope is, putting this all together I wont feel so yukky with the big change to my diet.
  4. DappyMare

    DappyMare Girl on a mission

    I'm Restarting on The 2nd and Will be going straight into sole source...cutting things down never helped when i eased myself into cambridge last time so cold turkey for me :) sick of food anyway after xmas and new year so looking forward to my shakes lol .
  5. fitz

    fitz Lovin it !!! :)

    I started yesterday on day 1 - cold turkey for me - didnt cut out a thing & finished choc, wine & leftovers on Sunday !!! Only thing for me is that I have always drunk loads of water so maybe this helps ?

    Have a very mild headache today but other than that I feel fine - in fact I have that "rats bum" taste already in my mouth so feel ketosis may be on the way already.
  6. Lily

    Lily Gold Member

    Most times, I find going cold turkey (LOL, how appropriate ;)) the best way for me. If I eat anything at all in those first few days, something in my brain tells me I'm cheating, and before I know it, I'm eating the entire contents of the fridge.

    So although in theory, cutting down on carbs ought to work, it doesn't for me. Unfortunately. :sigh:

    Still... I think I'm actually going to get through Day 1 at last. Yay me!! (it's only taken 3 days... :rolleyes:)
  7. Aseyan

    Aseyan Full Member

    While I'm not restarting I did start CD in early December and actually used generic meal replacement shakes for 2 meals a day for the 5 days prior to starting the diet. I also quit drinking soda and caffeine the week before as well. I cant say if it helped a ton but I did get into keto by the end of day 2 so it definitely didn’t hurt!

    Best of luck to all of you!!!
  8. NumNums

    NumNums Becca

    I've had some cakes and crisps because my CDC said my last chance to have anything junky left in my house. I feel bad for eating it tho lol.
  9. jules75

    jules75 Full Member

    Its cold turkey for me! Starter, or should i say re-started yesterday and to my amazement i feel fine, its normally around day 4 where i start to crumble, once im past this things tend to get alot easier. I figured if id have waited till after the new year i would have had even more to lose and felt worse about myself so il be toasting the new year with a glass of sparkling water!!!!

  10. Ani*me

    Ani*me Full Member

    i went into it cold turkey because i know i would of ate more than i should if i eased myself into it :)
  11. jules75

    jules75 Full Member

    Its the only way for me to do it as i keep saying to myself, oh il start 2moro, then when "2moro" arrives i find myself saying oh another day wont hurt, and the cycle continues!

  12. fed-up-and-fat

    fed-up-and-fat hoping for a good loss

    Starting tomorrow and going cold turkey. I too can't cut down, just need to cut out. Am very nervous about tomorrow as never done Cambridge before. Lets hope I can do it, no, I know I can do it

    Charlie xx
  13. redhead66

    redhead66 This will be my year

    I'm with Jules on this, tomorrow never comes for me... I can always find some excuse for just one more day before I restart :ashamed0005:

    I need to narrow my food choices because otherwise I always think "one little cheat" won't matter, so it's cold turkey for me, even if it does mean the usual grotty headache etc etc :(

    Best of luck to all the January restarters

  14. paul1978

    paul1978 DO NOT QUIT !

    That is exactly what I am desperately trying to avoid. The first time I done CD, I had the worst headache ever. I think I may start on SS+ as I was best on that last time - On SS+ hopefully the headaches etc... wont be so bad either.
  15. scojos

    scojos Full Member

    im startting on 810 for a few days, then onto SS (hopefully!)
  16. Overtiredmum

    Overtiredmum Full Member

    I am restarting on 1 January and will go cold turkey, as like many of the others have said, I need to remove the option of food completely. I did restart in August after having my second baby, but was following 810 and just found ways to cheat and it just didn't work for me. So I will be getting straight into SS and cannot wait!
  17. Caz

    Caz Slimming down the aisle

    I'm jumping in head first, only way for me!
  18. NumNums

    NumNums Becca

    I'm really trying to up my water intake. I always drink very little of anything. So this is a big issue for me :(
  19. scojos

    scojos Full Member

    i dont find drinking an issue, its the not eating im struggling with:8855:
  20. icandoit

    icandoit Full Member

    Straight in there

    I finished all the christmas chocs and ate all my fav foods. Today is day 1 and straight in to cd!
    Probably going to pay for eatting crap for the last 2 weeks!
  21. NumNums

    NumNums Becca

    Since deciding to diet, I've actually found it very hard to eat anything. I'm just not interested in any food. Just making myself eat for the fact I need to now. Just can't wait to start!

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