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how are your groups run and do you like you consultant?

Just wondering how others groups are run really. My consultant is not very good at all, but i cant change groups as hers is the only one near me. The consultant never really talks to me and when she does its like she doesnt even care. Shes always faffing about and losing things so classes are ALWAYS behind, most people end up leaving as she takes so long to get started. Her talks are rubbish and only about 5 mins. I dont go to the group bit anymore as there really isnt a point. People have made complaints to sw about her before but she doesnt get better. I feel my consultant is only in it for the money and doesnt really care about anyone else. Which is a shame as i feel im missing out on the group part.
The lady who weighs us on the other hand is fantastic really chatty, knows everything about all of us and is generally happy when we lose.
So anyone else feel like this?
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My consultant is fabulous! I really can't fault her...She's so supportive, genuine and friendly and her groups are big with all the members mirroring her friendliness.
She brings in things every week for us to try as well; as packets from things she suggests we try...
I even get a motivational text message every so often!
I know that I wouldn't have stayed to group if it wasn't for her... I only wish everyone elses consultant was as wonderful!


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I guess I'm lucky as I like my consultant, I wouldnt say she's perfect, but the main thing is that she will listen and is open to suggestions.

I'm not sure what you actually expect from your consultant - when you say her talks only last 5 mins - to be honest I don't think many of them give a "talk" of any sort at the start. I've attended 2 separate groups and the format is pretty constant:

19:00 - 19:30 pay and weigh (though lots of people start turning up from 6:30 - annoying for me as I volunteer which means I have to get there early.

19:30 - intro, brief update on anything new from SW - eg competions, miles for smiles type things - and any awards for that week (club 10, stickers etc)

19:35 - Image Therapy (going round the group talking losses etc)

20:15 (ish, depending on how long IT takes) - Slimmer of the week and raffle

20:20 finish

Daft question - but do you know that she actually starts late? Do you know how much time is allocated to weigh in - check to see what time it should actually finish and IT start and maybe turn up a little later if you dont want to be hanging around. Is it actually her fault - if certain people consistently turn up late it can have an effect on the timings of the group.

The most important thing to remember though is that consulatants are human and not mind readers - if you arent happy - tell her! It will do her no good to lose group members if they arent satisfied - they are self employed and the more group members they have the more money they make!
Maybe i am expecting to much but i know im not the only one who thinks the same theres quite a few of us, but she runs all the groups in the area so i know shes rushed off her feet but would be nice for her to congratulate someone every now and again. She usually makes it late by losing things or faffing about. Its just a shame as i love slimming world.
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We have WI 6:30-7:00pm sometimes it's later but never much, then it's awards, then chat about anything SW related, then raffle & home c7:45pm

My C is approachable and supportive.

Have you tried mentioning to your C she always starts late, or let her know what you would like from the class, afterall you are paying for the class.
People turn up early at my group but we do not start weighing until the official start time of the class.
Many people come early to have a natter.
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I do the weighing at my class so I get there a little before 7am. Liz does the money, I do the weighing and that's from 7 - 7.30pm. Marie (our C) then spends that time with the new members or floating around chatting to everyone. Image Therapy then starts at 7.30 - 8.15ish. She does the awards and then goes round everyone, saying what they've lost/gained, asking if anyone's tried anything different (recipes, exercise etc) and then just before the end, she does SOTW and the raffle. The raffles are alwaes ingredients to a recipe or a recipie book.

She also has her own FB page, and our own SW FB page, so we chat regularly during the week too.
My consultant Peter is FABULOUS.I have tried SW soooooo many times but i have stuck with his group now for 7 weeks and lost over a stone.He regularly texts us during the week to keep us motivated...and we laugh/discuss/moan in class.I stop everyweek too because i enjoy it so much

chris x
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My consultant is really good, has been doing it for many years, doors open at 10.00 for 10.30 start. If people get there after 10.30, they have to wait until the end to weigh in which I think is fair. She has recently enlisted more helpers, so we don't get a log-jam! We always have enough time for awards, image therapy etc. and if one of us has a problem, she invites group input, which is helpful. She has another class at 12.00, so we are never late out either!
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Can't fault my consultant, Denise, or her helpers who I think are often forgotten about but are very valuable to us members and also to SW,

The help and support I get is good but feel its sometimes the members who spoil it for others. We have members who have been going for 6 weeks plus and have in fact put on weight, not because the consultant is bad but because they think its like a coffee evening and don't follow anything and are shocked when they haven't lost anything. Like the person who has chips with her salad as she can't eat salad otherwise (Yes really and I mean real chips !!) and also has 3 sugars in her tea which she admitted to having 8+ cups a day of.
She takes the focus away from the group, won't listen to what she is being told and I feel that the group would all benefit more from her leaving.

It can't be an easy job pleasing everyone and overall can't fault my consultant and I enjoy going which I never thought I would say when I started.


I agree with you there we have a couple of members like that too and they seem to wonder hwy they put on weight. Tbh it is a very busy group as its full of senior members of the society and it best for them going to an morning one rather then them having to go out at night.
Its not just me though who thinks it head office have told her off a few times now from having complaints. I love slimming world though and i love going to be weighed and getting my awards also the chat to other members. Just wish i was able to move group but i just cant get to the others x

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