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how big is yours??

Just been looking at all the pictures of those free meals on green days.
I have been thinking I maybe eat too much ,but then looking at all those pictures -I eat about the same as wot others do ..... so I know that pictures can be deceiving - so I thought -
can I ask how big your plates are ??
mine is 10 and 3/4 " are all your plates small?
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My plates are standard dinner plates! 10.5inches...

Sounds like you're normal lady :)


Desperate to be slim!
Mine are also standard, 10.5" and always full... none of this less food on your plate nonsense!!!


is getting better at it
i have been looking at that thread to and its great, i have a largish plate, im afraid i at with my eyes if the plate looks small i talk myself into not being full up when i have finised it, if you get what i mean


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I'm with Emz, no portion control for me either :D .

I also use normal size plates, howeveeer.... I bought 13" size platters which I also use on occasion :eek: . I mostly use them when I have big mixed salads or lots of veggies with my meals. I pile up on that stuff and it looks so much neater when served on a big plate. I also bought extra deep plates for my pasta dishes (I can eat loads you know :eek:)

But everybody is different of course :)

B. xx
oh ...It seems that Im ok with my plate size then !!

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