How can anyone do this ??

Discussion in 'Cambridge Diet 100% Posts!' started by happylass, 4 December 2008 Social URL.

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  1. happylass

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    Well it is my first day on the cambridge diet I have had my water and my three shakes..I can`t stop thinking about food delicious hot tasty food.... how can this be done and any advice to get me thru this evening ??:confused:
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    Hi Happylass

    Ok you can do this, the first 3 days are the hardest, think about your goal, what do you want to achieve, why do you want to achieve it, what will you do when you get there....I want to jump out of an aeroplane ..but then I am strange;) Have a look at the gallery here, you can find it along the top tabs, get inspired, there are people out there that have done this! and we can too!

    Check out the rest of the forums you are surrounded by amazing examples that this is possible!

    Keep drinking your water and keep chatting to us and you will be ok.

  4. bevy

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    Hiya happylass, I felt sort of the same on the first day but now I am now nearly at the end of day 4 and it certainly does get easier, don't get me wrong I still think about food but I definitely want to lose weight more than I want my favourite food right now and the hunger goes but can't say the feeling of wanting the taste of food has gone yet for me.... all I do though is look at the inspiring pictures of the people on this site that have stuck to it and lost so much weight and realised that this is a choice I have made, no-one is forcing me to do it. The allure of the size 10 jeans definitely keep me motivated :D good luck if I can do it then I am sure you can too.
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  5. Rubyredslippers

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    Hey Happylass!
    It does get easier I promise. Once you get through first 2-3 days and have your first WI the results will really spur you on.

    I found evenings and weekend tough at first but now I do anything to keep me distracted. Like tidy my flat (my home has never been so tidy!), go for a walk, go for a bath, paint your nails, slap some fake tan and / or I get on this forum and get clickin (not pickin!!). There's some truly inspiration people on here and lots of support.

    So you can and you will do it chick!!

    Nikki x
  6. Porgeous

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    As others have said, focus on why you are doing this and what you want to achieve. Hang in there, you will soon be in ketosis!

  7. Smiley_Cat

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    Oh I think we all know _exactly_ where you are hun. I hope you made it through last night! Day 1 was the toughest for me too - i was _insanely_ hungry and obsessed with food! I hope you managed it ok, and that Day 2 is easier, but if not...think about this:

    Thinking about food won't kill ya, but stuffing it all down your throat will! add one other thought to all those thoughts about food - why are you thinking about it so much?

    Are you hungry? That'll pass, just know you are getting the nutrition you need in the packs.

    Are you stressed/upset about something? Oooh that evil condition of emotional eating - beat that! If you're not hungry/deprived, food isn't the answer. (sounds simple doesn't isn't, but it is true)

    Are you noticing just how prevalent food is all around us? The restaurants will still be there when you've reached your goal, and the advertisers' job is to tease and tempt us! (and it is Christmas-time, so they're all at full tilt!)

    And the last one - is your stomach grumbling? I've noticed a strange thing - I might not feel hungry at all, but all of a sudden my stomach will grumble. Like a petulant child! I just think - oooh my stomach is exercising, how good of it!! lmao!!

    Hang in there hun - I just had my first weigh-in last night and am down 7lbs, so it definitely does work (not that I didn't believe my friends or all the people on here, but I needed my own personal proof! lol) As everyone says the first few days are the worst.

    I can't believe the only real food I've eaten in a week is a salad and a piece of chicken (long story! lol)...but I'm alive, not hungry, full of energy and convinced for the first time in my life that I actually can accomplish my weight loss goals.

    Good luck to you!!!

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