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my first 4 days of cd???

I am back because I want to lose the excess for Xmas but I have been restarting since August without success...

I will start in the morning with all the right intentions but I get to the evening and think "well i could just have something to eat tonight..." and it is a vicious circle...

please help... today is day one AGAIN for me and I have just over 3st to lose overall for goal...

i did so well first time round, nothing stopped me... but now i feel i really can't do it :(:(:(
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aww Goolian, I feel for you!! but you know what you have to do to get there and only you can make that happen! have you though about trying to doing SS+ the losses are still very good and at least you can have that small meal to look forward to in the evening? and maybe once you feel stable and more in control you could always switch to SS?
You can do it!


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i just feel lost at the moment lelly... i feel first time round i was sooo determined, nothing would stop me... i still feel determined now cos i want the weight off, especially now i can see and feel it creeping back on and those sad thoughts are coming back...

i just can't seem to get past the evening... maybe as you say have a small meal in the evening, or even just some chicken so i can satisfy that bit of hunger, my worry is tho that ain't ssing 100% and makes me feel a failure


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Honey this is my restart after a month off - it is more difficult this time but I am slowly finding it easier - get yourself back into a routine and when you start seeing the weight drop off you will get that determination back ..

I am in the same boat so if you need support just contact me and ill try to help - sometimes just a chat does the trick :)

nikki xx

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Make it through 1 day without that meal/snack in the evening, then you'll have made your 1st achievement of this journey.

Set yourself smaller goals, and aim for those instead of thinking... oh no 3 stone to lose.... think ... right i'm gonna ss for 1 day, then i'm gonna lose 5lb etc.

The weight'll soon start dropping off and with each small goal, you grow more and more determined.

Good luck x