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How can I make some yummy burgers?


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I chop an onion and put it in a bowl, crumb a slice of stale bread and add it to the onions....

Add some chilli powder and your mince, get your hands in there and bind it together.... you can add an egg too if it's not sticking.

Shape into burgers and grill. x
I don't add bread to mine - wasted sins!

I add Lea Perrins, an oxo cube, finely chopped onions or spring onions and then mix with my hands. I used to add an egg, but i find it cooks better without.
That's interesting, I get hubby to make ours and he claims you need the egg, but I shall tell him that about cooking better without!

Generally he just adds finely chopped onion and a couple of cloves of garlic, adds an egg, and makes sure he really works at the mixture to tenderise the meat - yummy!!


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nah, I never use an egg (just personal choice) and find I don't need it to bind them.

I chop shallots up fineley and add them along with a with of garlic salt/powder and soya sauce.

It might just be me, but I find they fall apart less when they're just squished together by hand (or my lakeland burger press) they seem to hold together better.

Lamb mince with mint sauce is really good!
For my burgers i usually use red onion, lean beef, Some peppers, 1 egg and some tomatto sauce for taste. Ive always used a egg cause my burgers collapse!

They nicest burgers though i have ever made was lean lamb mince mixed in with loads of mint sauce! oh boy oh boy they were lush!

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Do you make them the same if you are using turkey mince?
I would presume so .........never tried........maybe cook a wee bit longer.....if its like chicken (you dont want a dicky tummy)

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I would presume so .........never tried........maybe cook a wee bit longer.....if its like chicken (you dont want a dicky tummy)

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True but... would help speed up our losses... maybe a bit extreme though x
Hi if using turkey mince...I always put in an onion, green pepper (fried in frylight first) ground coriander, ground cumin, tiny bit of mint salt and pepper and chillie (leave out for the kids) sorry and 2 slices of ww bread that has been lightly toasted first. They are really nice served with salad and homemade sweet pot wedges.
Thank you so much for all your replies everyones sounds so niiiiice!
I have just made some, a great sucsess aswell!
I used a bit of garlic, red onion, plum sauce, corriander, lea and perrins and salt and pepper. Was sooo good!
I will deff be trying the lamb and mint sauce ones, they sound so good!!
I didn't use egg in mine, just mixed and squished with my hands, i think the sauce probs bound it together :)
oooooooo i forgot to add ....i add garlic salt to everything mmmmmmm.
Glad your burgers were a success! Try our other recipes.

Ruthy xxx


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i add lea and perrins to mine too, salt and pepper and sometimes a bit of chilli powder. i dont tell the bf about the lea n perrins as he has now decided he doesnt like it because it contains anchovy even tho he has always liked it lol
Ooh, i'm going to a festival next weekend - i'm so taking some down ready made for BBQ's around the tent!

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