How can I manage a diet break?


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Hi everyone,

At the end of March I go to Disneyworld for a week. I have been SS since Jan and doing ok, so I am scared of gaining a lot of weight when I have to come off for the week.

I planned to increase my cals by adding food for the 2 weeks before we go, and then low carb while away. I am expecting to be within my final 10-14lbs by then.

I feel that I can't be too demanding in the US restaurants because I will need to check my 6 year old nut allergic daughter's food, and this must take priority.

How have people coped with a planned break in the diet, and can you recommend any strategies for coping with the US (supersize) culture?

Can anyone tell me how to make my ticker display on here too?

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OOps - had typed out loads of advise - then copy and pasted ticker thread and it disappeared!

Basically - try to stick to protein, salad, veg - no carbs ....

How much have you lost so far??? and how much more do you want to lose??

Have a great time in America!


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My holiday breaks so far have only been short breaks. I continued SS right up to the time I was leaving. I consciously watched what I ate and stuck to protein, veg the majority of the time and minimal starchy foods on other times. I also drank alcohol, but nowhere near the quantity I used to drink. I only put on 2 or 3 lbs. on my return.

If you feel you can take your packs with you for two meals a day and a main meal then do so.

Personally, I found it difficult maintaining SS when away. I need to drink as I get very thirsty and if I do I need the toilet in 20 - 30 mins.

Have a wonderful time though whatever your decision.


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Hi Clairabell :D

I would say ask Summerskye about planned diet breaks. She is the queen of doing this successfully, aren't u Sharon?;) :D

Lacey x


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Who me? Nah! Never took a break from SS'ing in my life :rolleyes: :eek: ;)

Seriously, though - I had about 5 or 6 'mini' breaks throughout my time on CD (if you don't know I lost over 8 stone in just over 9 months, reaching my target weight early December last year). Each time I sole sourced right up until I went away and made a very conscious decision to recommence SS'ing the very moment I got home again - which I stuck to religiously when I was at home.

When I was away I replaced at least one meal a day with a CD tetra or bar and stuck to protein and veg/salads only for the other meals - no carbs at all - and minimal alcohol (none if you can avoid it). Each time I put on between 3 to 6 lbs depending on how long I was away, which I lost within the first week of sole sourcing again - so I reckon each break I took put me back a week from reaching my goal.

Everyone has their own opinions about the merits (or otherwise) of taking breaks when on a VLCD, and as a CDC my advice to my clients now is: It's best to avoid taking a break if at all possible. However - sometimes 'life' gets in the way of dieting as we all know, and part of the whole re-education/ re-feeding process is learning about our relationship to food and what we should/shouldn't be eating once we've reached our goal weight and go into the stabilisation phase to maintain the loss.

Speaking strictly for myself, I found my breaks taught me that I was able to control the food I ate which I think has helped me now I'm at the maintenance stage as the 'fear of food' was lessened in the process. As of today I'm only 3 lbs
heavier than I was at my lowest-ever weight.

I hope this helps you decide what to do - but, most importantly, enjoy your holiday in Disneyworld :cool: :D
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F40GE - I have lost 19lbs so far and currently have another 23lbs to go.

Jemax - yes my biggest worry if I do try to keep SSing is that the only part of Disneyworld I'll see is the toilets!!!

Summerskye - I think thats really useful - I will treat the time on holiday as a chance to 'practice' for when food is reintroduced. I think keeping carbs low will probably keep up my energy too, as otherwise I suffer swings of mood and energy.

Thanks to you all for your wise words!


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Professor aka Lee went at Christmas time and he had big plans and brought all his packs with him but ended up eating but making healthy choices and he did not gain and he is still doing well.

It is a hard one.

Love Mini xxx


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Hello, Jus t a few tips, I am a Florida lover! You won't be able to SS over there, as you cannot take powdered milk with you on the plane, and our shakes contains that. Also the tetra briks would be a problem. The advice I would give, is not to worry, enjoy your holiday, you have proberbley saved long and hard as I do to go each year, but try and stay clear of carbs. I am not saying don't have any, but you and your family wants to have a good holiday, don't spoil it! I am going to Florida end of April, and I have a way to go on the weight front. My CDC is uping my calorie in take each week for 4 weeks before we go. So I will be used to food again.

One little secret, if you go to the theme parks, you will burn off os many calories walking around all day, that you may even loose weight! The whole of WDW in Florida covers 47 square miles! There is a lot of walking to do, so make sure you take comfortable trainers! And, Disney has made a concerted effort to have a healthy food range in thier food outlets. If you go tho Mcdonalds over there, you can have raw carrott fries instead of regular fries! Oh, and when you get a main meal, it is as big as a 3 course meal in itself! There do low carb options too. Just go and have a good time and tell Mickey I will see him in APril! If you have any questions you can email me at [email protected]


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have a great time, I am reading because we are off to disney in october and I will probably still have some to loose then and so am interested to see how it could work

thanks for asking the question


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Ive seen some of the resturants put carb values on their menu, Im sure that Olive Garden was one of them but cant swear to it.