how can i stop falling off teh wagon at a party?


Hi everyone,

I'm going to a party on Saturday where I know food and drink are going to feature very heavily.

I have offered to drive so I wont be tempted by alcohol but my will power is really rubbish when it comes to buffet food :eek: .

Has anyone got any tips on how I can stick to my points without having to explain to all and sundry why Im not getting stuck in like usual?

Don't go near the buffet table !!

Or go last when everyone has been at it and it looks a lot less appetising.

Or just eat the celery/carrot crudites stay away from sausage rolls and the dips.

Good luck ...
Maybe make sure you have your dinner just before you go out? That way you should be full so it wont be as much of a temptation....and if you dont draw attention to the fact that your not eating the grub people might not notice anyway