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How can I stop feeling a failure?

Hi Everybody...

New to this forum and hope you can give me some advice.

Been on CD SS for a few weeks, weightloss has been as follows:

wk 1 - 9lb
wk 2 - 6lb
wk 3 - 6lb
wk 4 - 3lb (time of month)

So I was really pleased. I had ideally another 2 stone to go which would bring me to about bmi 23.

Anyway, I have a really important exam to do tomorrow. It was a practice papaer on Tuesday just gone and I couldnt focus on the Monday to revise as was exhausted and hungry (must admit I'm not the best with water) so I ate... started off with just a bit of toast to give me some energy as I felt passing this exam which means the start of a brand new career, or Im off the course) was more important. The problem is I havent been able to stop eating all the cakes, junk, sweets, bread in the house for the last 2 full days :break_diet:

I got on the wii fit this morning and it said id gained 7lb (since Monday!) Naturally i feel AWFUL, a failure and totally demotivated.

After being on my own for 2 years with 2 young children I have a date with a lovely man a week on saturday (internet meet so he hasnt seen me yet) so naturally i feel that this 7lb gain has zapped my confidence and he will find me repulsive :(

Can anyone tell me, is this 7lb gain largely water and if I'm really good from tomorrow after the exam (I will eat just protein today - is that ok as I HAVE to concentrate and be able to recall info tomorrow morning) and go back on sole source with maybe some exercise, be able to recoup this gain quickly??

How can I lose the maximum possible before the date??

Sorry for the essay... just feeling like I've undone all my hard work... so any advice would be gratefully received...

Vixy xxx
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I have had a couple of weekends off and on the last one i gained 6 lb and i lost it in two days of being SS+ again. You will be fine.
Good luck with everything, just get back to it lovey x
Ok , First carm down , get back on diet now and just don't even think about your 2 days of eating .
You will lose some weight , I guess a few pounds or maybe 3 by saturday , but its better than gaining more . You really need to drink the water , you will feel better for it


I lurve lurve lurve bars
Hi my cdc says that even a cream cracker can lead to massive water retention,obviously if you continue to eat processed carbs as you have been it will start to become weight gain,however the worst you appear to have done at this stage is fill your glycogen stores back up with water,so if you get back on track it will come off as quickly as it went on
good luck
Hi there, I have had some toast this morning as feeling really poorly and my son is also ill, it was what I needed to give me a boost after 3 hours sleep and 10 nights of broken sleep!! BUT you must remember if you need to eat, don;t go diving into all the things that make the weight go back on hun xx

I should say alot of it is water weight, but I do think if you NEED to eat, think harder about what foods your putting in otherwise the whole maintance thing will be harder! (I am not having a go, I had this chat with myself after my toast heehee, but I have had 2 shakes today also, going to have one later)

Hope you have a fab date hun

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