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How can I try Red Days if I only eat fish?


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I dont eat meat at all and EE was just not working for me so I switched to Green days as everything I eat is on there but I am just not losing weight.
My consultant doesnt have any answers and has even said if it continues she will send my food diaries off to HO for analysis. My food diaries are 100% accurate and I am eating exactly right.
She has told me to cut my syns down to 10 a day and maybe lower but with 2 stone to lose this means I wont have any leeway when I get nearer to goal weight.

I am thinking about trying red days as I know the problem is the amount of carbs due to my PCOS even though I still weigh them out as proper portions ie 75g dried pasta, 1/2 tin beans etc it is still probably too much

So how do I stick to red days just eating fish and I dont really eat a lot of fish. I dont eat shellfish or meaty fish just
tinned tuna (not steak)
salmon smoked and fillets
sea bass
and maybe some others.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated I am sure someone mentioned a fish week menu plan but I wouldnt know where to look

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You can make red days out of the fish you do eat and you could also try some quorn products but I ould also not just jump to assume green doesn't suit you.

Have you tried different things
Switching around your healthy B's? If you always have the same your body gets used to it, also make sure you are weighing and measuring things carefully
Also try new recipes so you are not eating the same things all the time, the same theory as switching the B's
Make sure at least some of your fruit is speed fruit ie melons and raspberries instead of bananas and grapes

A friend of mine has been stuck for ages and followed the above advice and lost 5.5 pounds in one week.

Are your food diaries on here if so can you put a link to them?


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I would suggest having fishy salads for lunch - and perhaps Quorn as an alternative if you are doing Red days.

Then in the evening - a fillet of fish, or a fish curry, or smoked fish, or a fishy pie with a swede and carrot topping.

Breakfast would use your HEA and HEB on cereals such as weetabix, or porridge.

I think it can be done, and you can limit your carbs that way x


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Thank you I do eat quorn so will check out the syn values on Red days. I need to make a proper 5 day plan.
I am trying to look at peoples diaries for ideas but I think people tend to stick to meat not fish.
I have now updated my diary if anyone wants to comment what I might be doing wrong
I did a Fish week... here's what I ate

Oat so Simple/ Weetabix/
Oat Crisp
Scrambled eggs & kippers
Fry up (bacon, eggies etc)
Oat so Simple/ Weetabix/
Oat Crisp
Oat so Simple/ Weetabix/
Oat Crisp
Oat so Simple/ Weetabix/
Oat Crisp
Oat so Simple/ Weetabix/
Oat Crisp
Salmon & rice salad (Summer days Pg 39)
Peri peri Chargrilled squid salad summer days pg 44

Prawn & herb Frittata (1pot- pg 94)
Tuna rice salad
Smoked salmon quiche
In london
Tuna pasta bake (f4£5- pg 22)
Moroccan Halibut Stew (meals in mins – pg 76)
Courgette & prawn curry- SimpS- pg84
Tuna Ratatouille (simp s pg 86)
Marmita kua
Roasted Haddock w courgettes & shallots (meals in min pg 74)
I dont eat meat either and do red days easily. Quorn is same syns on red as green. Feel free to have a flick through my diary for ideas. Red days always give me a boost when i STS


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Thank you for all the ideas. I am sure this is doable. I just need to plan properly.


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How about trying success express if you would still like to follow green.

Id suggest doing a search on here to find the full details, but it basically works on a similar prinicple to ee, but two thirds of your meals and all snacks have to be super free.

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