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How can it be???


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I don't get it.....I just don't. I am 2.5 weeks on TFR with NO cheats at all. But last night and today I am STARVING! Not just in my head like you would normally get. But truly hungry. So I checked with keostix and I am not in keytosis!

Now I know some say the sticks aren't 100% reliable but the hunger is unreal. I normally have first shake at 11am but was starving for it since 9am today. Held out till the 11am and next one is usually 3pm but now at 1pm I am nursing hunger pains and rumblings and truly hungry.

What could have happened????
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Gosh- thats a bit worrying? Maybe split a shake & see if that helps? And have an early night if possible? Hopefully it'll pass?


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if you havnt cheated at all then you are still in ketosis!
dont go on them stick things! lol

Cant think of anything that would help except splitting the shakes honey :D
I read on here the other day that someone was making their shakes with milk, are you making yours with water? If you are using water you should be in ketosis. I emailed lipotrim at the beginning as I thought I wasnt in ketosis, judging by the sticks, and the reply I got was that your urine could be diluted with all the water and even though the ketostix were showing negative, I was actually in ketosis.


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:sad0071: Well I defo haven't cheated or made my shakes on milk. So will just stick with it and hope for the best.

Thanks girls.....maybe its the water diluting as you say. :sigh:

It will be bed early tonight I think! Tomorrow is another day!


It really does work! :)
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Are you actually drinking plenty of water?

I always have a good drink as well as my usual sips if I feel any hunger coming on..

Works for me.


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Hi Sara,

I too am suffering hunger pang.Proper hungry today and I'm 2.5 weeks in too. Maybe its god getting us back 4 being second time rounders ;)
I hope you feel better soon. You have to be in ketosis. xx
In my 3rd week I had 2 days where I was really hungry, but thankfully it passed. Sounds like you are just going through something similar.


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It's hard isn't it. I'm feeling the same today and I think it's cause I haven't taken in enough water


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Well feeling really crap now! VERY weak and dizzy. Bringing baby up for her bath now (so hopefully she will goto bed early!!). Then as soon as she goes up so am I! Not sure if it is a bug or what?? But anyway, honestly think I am drinking the water but in fairness I have not been measuring it like I did in the first few days so will try that.

Hopefully it will be better tomorrow! I suppose you can't expect weight to fall off without SOME payback!

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